The Symbol of the Other Side

From Alyssa Milano:

“Here’s the thing: I was right,” Alyssa Milano wrote, referencing a social media post she sent this week where she compared wearing a MAGA hat to wearing a “white hood,” a clear reference to the KKK.

A MAGA hat means “Make America Great Again”. That is a message that everyone in this country should stand behind. Why wouldn’t you want to live in a great country? What would possess you to want your country to collapse?

I found the above hat online and do not make any money from its sale. This is the perfect hat for the other side: Make America Collapse (MAC). The blue color and rainbow are just icing on the cake. I strongly urge the other side to buy this hat and proudly wear it so that we know our enemy quicker.

David DeGerolamo

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  1. John Remsdad says:

    I recognize that hat from the 1970’s forward as the logo for “Money Access Card” and “Money Access Center” used by banks in the northeast and mid-atlantic regions of the US. PNC and Mellon were among the banks that offered it.

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