The Teamsters Are Now Supporting “Occupy Wall Street”

The Teamsters’ Union is now supporting the Occupy Wall Street protest. This is the second labor union supporting this protest as the New York Transit Workers will be out on the street at 4:00 PM today (September 30, 2011) with their troops.

Strategically, this protest is working exactly as planned by Stephen Lerner. If the unions had led the initial protest, it would have failed. The useful idiots were sent out in the first wave to gain media attention and sympathy. Once the media started to follow the stories and the “celebrity” endorsements, the protest was transformed into a credible movement. Once the initial phase was completed, the second phase could be implemented which was always the main objective: a movement of the labor unions for “the people”.


Just a reminder, the leader of the Teamsters is Jimmy Hoffa. His infamous “Let’s Take These Sons of Bitches Out” speech concerning the TEA Party may now be seen as a foreshadowing of their intentions. We will see if Glenn Beck’s prediction that the Arab Spring will turn into the American Fall has started. Remember Mr. Beck’s other prediction for the collapse of our country by the government: they will use the top down and the bottom up to attack us from both ends.

David DeGerolamo

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6 Responses to The Teamsters Are Now Supporting “Occupy Wall Street”

  1. Wyt Raven says:

    “Just a reminder, the leader of the Teamsters is Jimmy Hoffa”…..
    and there I was, thinking Hoffa died a long time ago…silly me -- he was just resting…..

  2. John says:

    The Teamsters give this movement what it needs; working-class muscle, organization and focus to complement the intellectuals and the disenfranchised youth. We need American Jacobins.

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