The Time For Petitions Was Already Over

STOP FILING PETITIONS. No one is listening in Washington as shown by the fourfold increase to 100,000 signatures now required for the “white house” to issue a response. And we have already seen the type of response that is given.

Does the number of signatures on a petition matter? Does the petition matter? We should not be asking to have our rights and Constitution restored: we should be demanding that vain and aspiring men stand down.

The line between right and wrong has become distinct. WE MUST NEVER BEG FOR LIBERTY.

David DeGerolamo

White House now requires ‘We the People’ petitions to have 100,000 signatures for official response

President Barack Obama’s deputies have quadrupled the number of signatures that petitioners on the administration’s “We the People” website must collect to get an official response from the White House, following a series of popular, provocative and disrespectful signature drives by his critics.

Some of the petitions sought approval for states to secede after Obama’s re-election, while others called on the White House to disavow executive orders that restrict gun rights, or to deport CNN’s British-born, progressive host Piers Morgan.

“Starting today, as we move into a second term, petitions must receive 100,000 signatures in 30 days in order to receive an official response from the Obama Administration,” said an early evening Jan. 15 statement from Macon Phillips, the White House’s digital strategy director.


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2 Responses to The Time For Petitions Was Already Over

  1. Iver Jacobsen says:

    Interesting. I said the same thing in an email response to a friend after he sent me a petition to sign:
    The time for petitions and talk is over. If they ignore the Constitution they surely will ignore any petition signed by the populous.

    “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.” Capt John Parker, Apr 19, 1775 -- As British troops advance to disarm the Colonists at Concord, MA

    Lock and load.


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