The Trial of Hank Rearden, from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged

This is a long passage from the great novel, but it is worth giving extra time to read it carefully, and absorb Ayn Rand’s lesson:  

–The government’s hold on us is not as strong as it seems.
–The government needs our sanction/cooperation to maintain the illusion of their legitimacy.
–Withdraw your own sanction, and the powers that be are laid bare;  their power is derived through the barrel of a gun, not through any intrinsic validity of their own.

This passage should be read and re-read a couple of times a year with Francisco D’Anconia’s Money Speech.

The Trial of Hank Reardon

For a month in advance, the people who filled the courtroom had been told by the press that they would see the man who was a greedy enemy of society; but they had come to see the man who had invented Rearden Metal.


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