The US Seems To Be Facing A Second Fort Sumter Scenario, Civil War 2.0 May Be HERE

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7 months ago

This “civil war” started the day O’shitbag said he was going to “fundamentally change the United States”. But we didn’t see it the was he did. We thought for the better. Not him. It was NEVER his intention to quell the racial divid. His intention was to further divide us into “tribes”, one against the other, and further destroy the nuclear family.
This “creature” was/is pure, unadulterated, evil and his minions are stil at work, furiousely trying to finish what he started.
Trump needs to vanquish every discenter in his administration and then begin the arrests, nationwide.
But that’s just my humble thoughs…

7 months ago

Why after 3.5 years, do people still believe Trump has any plans of draining the swamp?? He has at least 5 big time Goldman-Sachs & Council on Foreign Relations members in key positions within his administration. Qanon and all that nonsense is nothing more than a psyop to keep conservatives distracted and divided until this house of cards called the USofA finally implodes. It boggles my mind that people still keep hanging on to this promise. Almost everything he promised has not happened. But hey, you know, he’s better than Cankles, right?

7 months ago
Reply to  brewer55

As you said, “anything is better than kankles”. Well, that’s for sure! But I hear you on your doubts. I have my own.
The deep state is burrowed in like a tick and there seems to be no letting go. Not unless or until the arrests begin. And who knows when those will start; en mass.
We need to see arrests and prosecutions, soon, or the people will lose faith in any possibiltiy of recompense.
Trump had done a lot of “good” with regulations and freeing up the economy but there remains the cleansing of this deep state. With no one being held accountable, it’s difficult to appreciate the rest.

7 months ago

Without the military backing the people I see no “Civil War pt 2” or 22. The people will never go against their military. And as long as the politicians have the military backing them. ZIP, NADA, nothing will transpire.