The Victors Write the War History, but Should Their Lies be Immortal?

Does anyone really want to fight the American Civil War again? I didn’t think so. After all this was a dark period in our history and the resulting victory of the Union over the evil confederacy freed us from slavery. Well not quite, as anyone who even does a little research will quickly realize. What lessons should we never forget as a moral nation?

1. Slavery must never be tolerated in any form.

2. The victors write history to suit their goals but that does not make it true.

What were the goals of the Civil War from Lincoln’s viewpoint: preservation of the Union at all costs. The first casualty was the Constitution. After the war and peace was declared, slavery was abolished by the 13th amendment. Our nation then underwent a new revolution under the “leadership” of the Radical Republicans. Reconstruction and the 14th amendment destroyed states’ rights and centralized government in Washington, DC. The previous “united States” became the “United States”.

Our current economic and political states can be traced back to the victors’ revolution. What should never be tolerated today is the slavery imposed upon us by the federal government. The theft of our wages for federal taxation to expand their power base is just as much slavery as the colonists faced under British rule. Ask any politician to define “fair share”. The 53% of the country who bear the cost of this government do not feel that they have representation in Washington. Government regulations, executive orders and legislation restricting our basic rights has become acceptable in our nation with the ever present assistance of the media. Any dissent by the people is quickly labelled racism or right-wing extremism. As we begin our death throes under Socialism, the truth about our heritage is starting to become known. Whatever the eventual outcome of our nation’s fate, we need to understand that freedom comes from God and any infringement of freedom by the government on any man, woman or child is unforgivable. Unfortunately, the concept of freedom today has been corrupted to mean submitting to the government for a new world order where only 500 million people will be “allowed” to live. Where do we start? By understanding what freedom and liberty mean and where they come from. Everything else will fall into place once we understand why God gave us this country in 1783.

David DeGerolamo

The most persistent and pernicious Big Lie regarding the so-called “Civil War”— more properly called the “War to Prevent Southern Independence”— is this:

Noble and saintly yankees fought the war to abolish slavery; evil Confederates fought to preserve it. 

The historical record incontrovertibly refutes this Big Lie and yet it lives on, repeated incessantly by many who know better, and by many, many more who accept without challenge what they were taught in government schools.

The proverbial phrase “the victors write the history” was well-known well before the war.

In fact, General Patrick R. Cleburne, arguing for freeing slaves in exchange for military service, warned what would happen should the South’s bid for independence fail:

 ”… Every man should endeavor to understand the meaning of subjugation before it is too late. … It means that the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy; that our youth will be trained by Northern school teachers; will learn from Northern school books their version of the War, will be impressed by all influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors, our maimed veterans as fit objects for their derision. …to establish sectional superiority and a more centralised form of government, and to deprive us of our rights and liberties.” –Major General Patrick Cleburne, C.S.A. (Jan. 2, 1864)

Gen. Patrick Cleburne

Cleburne’s warning was indeed prophetic.   The Big Lie is the official myth taught in virtually every public school in the country. Jim Dean noted this above, and he even went to a fancy prep school for two years in Massachusetts.



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