The Viral Crisis Unfolds

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The only fact concerning the COV-19 disease is that the government lied. I believe some of the lies were misinformation. Most of the initial reports were based on data that was not verified and used to distract the people in this country from the Deep State failed coup to remove the President from office by impeachment.

There is a SARS-COV2 virus which was responsible for thousands of deaths. Most of those deaths were due to comorbidities. The responsible approach was to balance the economic, medical and lockdown measures. The government used this crisis for political means at a level no one would have been able to foresee. At least, no one without delusions of grandeur.

The impact of the virus will be effectively done after the polls close on November 3rd. I do not like scenarios. People hypothesize based on lack of facts and ignorance to waste time. I do want to put out the following for consideration:

This pandemic was used for political purposes to suppress people’s rights, destroy small business and the middle class and to marginalize the current administration. What would have happened if this virus was as deadly as initially thought? Or more importantly, what happens when a virus that is a deadly pandemic occurs next time?

But we have no time to consider the next pandemic. The election is fast approaching and massive civil unrest is the intended consequence to destroy the Republic. I believe the current administration has locked down the supply of ammunition to the public. Our distributors are receiving little to no inventory for resale to their supply chain to sell to the public. Who has the ability to limit supply of ammunition at that level?

Is it appropriate to limit the means to defend ourselves under the 2nd Amendment by the government to possibly reduce civil unrest? The answer is irrelevant: we have the right to bear arms. This backdoor approach to limit this right by not being able to buy ammunition is one taken by an administration that has lost faith in the people to defend the Republic.

David DeGerolamo

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13 Responses to The Viral Crisis Unfolds

  1. Dr. Lon Schultz says:

    Hopefully all of the patriots have stocked up long before now! The left is just now starting to arm up, hopefully it will be a dollar short and a day late. We all need to start reloading spent ammo and cleaning wepons! To be sure the government should not be interfering with any sales of amo, but the government interferes with everything, for our own good of course! This may work out well for us.

  2. Truth-in-Tension says:

    Thank you for the great article.

  3. a follower says:

    In my area, have noticed many are not currently shooting (practicing.)
    i figure they are conserving, they are not out.
    “This backdoor approach to limit this right by not being able to buy ammunition is one taken by an administration that has lost faith in the people to defend the Republic.”
    “i do not think so Tim” (tool time.) Faith in the people has little to do with it.
    Faith in God? Hardly, they think they are God or acting in His behalf.
    This Government (NWO) does not want a people to defend the republic, Nor themselves, nor each other for that matter.
    ‘They’ want ‘Need’a bunch of non thinking fearful, submissive sheep!

  4. a follower says:

    i do hope some have watched and taken this one to heart.
    A ‘Rex video’ not to be missed nor ignored: imo
    “The United states has inflicted 7,000 times more death on its own children than it has suffered during the entire Global war on terror.”
    Are We Still that “Shining City on a Hill?” ~ Rex Reviews
    7,194 views•Sep 11, 2020

  5. Len Savage says:

    The Marxists think they have already won and why they are not even bothering to hide what they plan to do. The Marxist’s have the democrats in their corner and they have about half of the permanent government on their side.

    Government and medicine has been essentially weaponized by the governments through the SCAMDEMIC (i.e. a real epidemic of mediocre impact used as a scam for political purposes). The real danger you brush upon is we will never believe the government again.

    On violence and confrontation by the left/Marxists:

    Math says there will be violence on a biblical scale…

    Approximately 45% of planet Earth’s small arms are in the hands of the American citizen currently. Ammo best estimates are that we, the American citizens, hold currently hold 25%-33% of the small arms ammo on the planet.

    We may not own nukes and aircraft carriers but effectively we hold more small arms than all of the worlds armies combined….

    Unfortunately it appears at this time that it will get far worse before it gets better.

    Everything comes to an end at some point, even these strange times.

  6. riverrider says:

    govt limiting, not so much. lock down interrupted the supply chain down to the quarry/mine level. the six month reserve of ores has been used up and mines are still mostly shut down. it’ll take months to get the ore to processing, smelting and component manufacturing. not to mention demand is up over 100%. its available if you got the cash. we were living on borrowed time since march. hope patriots are willing to share when it gets spicy.

    • DRenegade says:

      I did some more research on your comment concerning the limited supply of brass (copper and zinc). Their prices are consistent with the price of one and two years ago respectively, I did not see any shortages. I did some research on Poongsan which make PMC ammunition since this is what I use and they are a vertical manufacturer (mining to finished product). Their 2020 projections for profit are a little higher than last year. I have a PDF coming with more information but I would like to see any references to shortages of copper and zinc. And primers and powder.

  7. Hammers Thor says:

    I agree with your assessment. I do not think the “administration” would limit ammo sales, but some in gov’t surely wish to. I think it’s supply and demand, coupled with raw materials being limited. Everyone should already have stocked up long before now… one good thing about the shortage is that the communists, who have only recently become interested in guns (interesting that “assault rifles” are no longer news now that Burn Loot and Murder is carrying them) are also facing the shortages, and they may not be nearly as well stocked as most of us [should be].

  8. Matt says:

    “ This backdoor approach to limit this right by not being able to buy ammunition is one taken by an administration that has lost faith in the people to defend the Republic.”
    It’s an administration that fears the people are going to rightfully come after it.

  9. Gryphon says:

    I would seriously Doubt any allegation that the ‘government’ has the ability to limit Ammunition Production or Sales without that near-Instantly becoming Public; What I’m seeing is the same thing with Toilet Paper a few Months ago. First, the Retailers ‘sold out’ faster than the Wholesalers could ship the product. Next, the Wholesale Distribution Warehouses were Emptied, and finally, any product at the Manufacturer’s Warehouses was Gone- then, the Daily Production Capacity was the only ‘flow rate’ that mattered.

    It looks like the Guns and Ammo supply chain has ‘hit the wall’ in the same way- local Gun Stores in my AO (Virginia Piedmont) large and small, quickly Sold Out of all Ammo (and Guns for the most part) and Resupply became erratic. Then, the owners of the smaller stores were told by their Distributors that ‘Product was Not Available’, with no assurances as to when anything would be available. Finally, the Large Retailers ‘ran out’ as well.

    As for commies ‘being late to the Party, Don’t make that Mistake -- the Active Groups of ‘antifa’ and ‘burn, loot, murder’ are, or Will be Supplied by the ‘government’, through the Drug Dealing that the .gov Controls. See “Fast and Furious” for an Example. I have No Doubt that commie agitators will eventually turn to Shooting in to their own “Peaceful Protests” (see “Maidan Square”, Kiev) and Immediately, kosher ‘media’ will be Screaming “WHITE SUPREMACISTS DID IT!!!” and the .gov Traitors will ‘hand up’ a Patsy, with the appropriate internet ‘background’.

    This will be the ‘excuse’ for a Total Gun Ban, “Constitution” be damned. Then we shall have to Fight the Real Enemy -- the po-Lice and ‘security forces’ of the [[[bolshevik-controlled]]] ‘government’. Make no Mistake, the ‘pantifa’ and ‘blm’ street trash would Evaporate after a few Mag Dumps in their direction, but the Jackbooted, Black-Helmeted Stormtroopers won’t.

    Find out where they Live in your AO, NOW.

    • DRenegade says:

      The supply could be broken as you stated for a period of time. But not for this long a period of time. I think both parties want the supply of ammunition to be constrained. When the government fears the people….

  10. Resist Tyranny says:


    I suspect that the Covid test samples are being used to create a DNA data base.
    What are your thought on that? Possible? being done? Proof? Suspicion?

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