The Virus: What Went Wrong?

It’s PBS so….

As COVID-19 spread across the globe, why was the U.S. caught so unprepared? An investigation of how America’s leaders failed to prepare and protect us — and who is accountable.

In this 90-minute FRONTLINE documentary special, award-winning journalists Marcela Gaviria and Martin Smith trace the coronavirus’s path across the globe and identify a chain of fateful missteps — from Chinese authorities’ early silencing of dissent around the virus’s emergence in Wuhan, to the World Health Organization’s failure to more quickly sound the alarm, to Italian officials’ slow initial reaction. Then, “The Virus: What Went Wrong?” zeroes in on key moments in the Trump administration’s halting response — including warnings going back to January, the CDC’s inability to manufacture and mass-distribute a working COVID-19 test early on, and a string of missed opportunities to contain the virus before it was too late.

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16 Responses to The Virus: What Went Wrong?

  1. Andy says:

    Should have been relatively easy to purge this damned thing from our country, and the world. Everyone wears a mask, EVERYONE, for a couple of months (which have already gone by… more than a couple, BTW), and gets back to work AT THE SAME TIME. The economy would have been saved, and 100,000 lives would have been saved. Sometimes not every solution is linear. Wearing a mask does not mean you give up your freedoms, it means that you protect others (and yourself). The most vulnerable could stay at home, and everyone else could get back to work and stay healthy.

    But conservatives, at least many, have done what liberals usually do… they made it political. Idiots. MASKS WORK. Otherwise medical professionals would not wear them. We could be OVER THIS F*CKING THING BY NOW, but NO, idiot liberals have to go out and burn shit, and idiot conservatives have to go out and breathe all over everybody because MUY FREEDOM. Now, the very thing that conservatives demand more than anything, their freedoms (which we should… it’s all we have left) include the freedom to be idiots (which we should be better than that… we are definitely smarter than that, but many of us choose to be IDIOTS instead of being actual conservatives) is going to cost us our freedoms, destroy the economy, and make us vulnerable to the insatiable power of the deep state, of which even Donald J. Trump will not be able to overcome at this point.

    He might have had a chance, if conservatives WERE NOT IDIOTS. And yes, I’m talking about everyone everywhere, including WRSA (a damned good site for people who still want their freedom, just like this one) and elsewhere that think this is nothing more than the flu. We’re WAY PAST THE FLU, FOLKS… 100,000 people more than the flu since the first of March, you know, less than 4 months ago.

    What I am having so much difficulty understanding is why so many NORMALLY INTELLIGENT PEOPLE (conservatives) have suddenly collectively lost their freaking minds and become IDIOTS. Grow the hell up, if it’s not too late. Even Tucker Carlson. Brilliant guy, but on this, still an idiot. Notice he is still distancing himself from everyone… why exactly is that again? Oh, yeah. He doesn’t want to get the Chinese Bioweapon Virus. I guess the rest of you do.

    Even now, we could STOP THIS THING, if everyone just wore a mask WHEN THEY ARE AROUND OTHER PEOPLE (but everyone knows masks don’t work, you troll!). Right. Stop being so FREAKING STUPID. The abject narcissism and selfishness coming from people who should know better, and in most cases, normally act better, is nothing short of astonishing.

    You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

      • Dr. Lon Schultz says:

        Good stuff ya’ll , if I could say it half as well I would try, but I won’t. Wear a mask when out, pleeeeeease, I am on my knees here!

    • Rabbi will McCubbins says:

      So if I’m already.recovered /immune. Should I be forced to wear the cuck muzzle?

      • Andy says:

        No. NO ONE SHOULD BE FORCED TO WEAR A MASK, and I have never, ever advocated that anyone be forced to do so. But there is evidence that people who have had it can test positive again, and can possibly transmit it again.

        So, no, by all means, don’t wear a mask, and go spread the disease all around again and again, and encourage others to do the same thing. After all, it is clearly more important for you to make a political statement than to actually give a flying fornication about your fellow man. Narcissist.

        Just remember this, it is people who refuse to wear a mask in public and protect themselves and others DURING THIS TIME that will destroy all of the freedoms for the rest of us. You will fail at making your point, and it will destroy us all.

        • Rabbi will McCubbins says:

          You didnt give me a satisfactory answer. If Im recovered I can’t catch, carry , or infect others with covid . So how is my wearing a mask any benefit to my peers? Likewise, how is my not wearing a mask a narcissistic political statement? I think I’ve paid my dues to covid already. 😊 also they will use the same arguments / orders to force the vaccination. So is anyone who wont do that a narcissistic person? If not , why not? Arter all the vax is only for your own good right? And the good of your neighbors right? So hold out your arm .

          • David says:

            A successful tactic used by the government is never ask a question that you do not already know the answer. This is how they entrap people. If you are asking a serious question, did you research the answer first or are you curious and want someone else to do the research? So let’s start with:

            If Im recovered I can’t catch, carry , or infect others with covid .

            This statement is your opinion and it is not valid. There already are documented cases of people getting reinfected with COVID-19. If HB-19 is a retrovirus, you can carry in within your DNA and it can be expressed at a later time. If you are reinfected with a new strain (as is happening now), you can infect others with the new strain.

            There are different types of vaccinations based on proteins on the outer sheath or RNA as two examples. I would never get a vaccine based on the S protein of HB-19. I suspect this is the type that the government will be pushing in the future. The truth is that there will not be an effective vaccine for this virus, just as there was no vaccine for the Spanish Flu. The reinfection of people with COVID-19 and the ability of the virus to mutate quickly will preclude a vaccine. Our only hope is herd immunity through low dosages of inoculum over time. But this virus is here to stay.

            I hope that you are not trying to use the vaccination issue as another means to divide us.

        • David says:

          Our forefathers did not want to fight a revolution in 1775 because the colonists did not have the ability to govern themselves under the concept of public virtue. This is outlined in the book The 5000 Year Leap. One year later, they were amazed that people came together for the greater good with public virtue. This concept has been cancelled from our culture through a calculated overthrow of our educational system. If we had public virtue today, we would not have to be told to do any mandatory measures to prevent the spread of disease; we would do it automatically for the good of the people. Notice that I said people, not country or government.

          Not wearing a mask will not destroy us all. Allowing the other side to divide on a manufactured issue is destroying us.

          • Rabbi will McCubbins says:

            If you think I’m trying to divide folks here on your blog , you do reserve the right to blacklist me too.

  2. Andy says:

    So, I am a supporter of Sheriff Palmer, and I am glad he will not enforce Cooper’s edict. I do not agree with “enforcing” wearing a mask. I just think that everyone should raise themselves to the highest level.
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  3. a follower says:

    “Just remember this, it is people who refuse to wear a mask in public and protect themselves and others DURING THIS TIME that will destroy all of the freedoms for the rest of us. You will fail at making your point, and it will destroy us all.

    Not wearing a mask is now the focus? The entirety of the problem? The entirety of the cure and answer, For the economy and all the woes of mankind?
    No problem here with that kind of irrationality.
    Some of us have not lost our heads (pushed by fear and fear mongering, No doubt,)as Andy up above clearly has demonstrated.

    • Andy says:

      I understand how difficult it might be to understand how doing something so simple might have such a a major impact. What I have said, repeatedly, and consistently, is that when this all began, back in January, BEFORE the deaths started to accumulate in this country, was that people should be wearing masks when in public. No one understood this disease, but many of us understood how infectious and contagious it was right off. Then Faucci lied to us and said only health care workers should wear masks. The bulk of conservatives have latched onto this and now gaslight about how masks don’t work, and my freedoms, and cuck, and if I wear a mask I am submitting to tyranny.

      Here’s a pretty good article covering the excuses for not wearing masks:

      I did not, as a follower suggests, indicate that masks would cure the woes of all mankind. Nor did I say it was the entirety of the problem. What I have said is that if everyone wore a mask in public (yes, yes I get it… will never happen because reasons) the R0 factor would drop below R1, instead of about R5.7 where it is now. Drops below R1, and the virus extinguishes, or at the very least, substantially contained.

      Let’s use Japan as one [anecdotal] example. The united States has approximately 330 million people. Japan has about 126 million. So far, as of today, 969 people in Japan have died from COVID-19.. In the United States, 127,673 have died. The difference? Everyone in Japan wears masks. How again is not wearing masks working out?

      My sadness for those who have died unnecessarily is only exceeded by my disgust for those in this country who are too arrogant and selfish to recognize and do the right thing.

      I might ask this… does anyone have any statistics about how many people got infected who WERE wearing masks?

    • David says:

      As I just posted, if people have to attack other people to make their point, they have already lost the argument.

      • Andy says:

        Right you are. I stand properly, and appropriately chastised. I can certainly make my point without name-calling, and will endeavor to do that.

        • lon haney says:

          Thank you, i am sure we all need to work on this.
          As for me, i will look and put my Trust in God and God only.
          This world and many who claim to be set- apart all seem to be leading in a direction i am not willing to be led.
          my opinion? as you wish. i believe i am being led by a much Higher power.

          As far as those who were wearing mask and statistics. Who would trust them?
          How many Dr.s and nurses etc. were infected? None? i am sure they were using every protection available, Right?

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