The Vortex — Civil War

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  1. Truth-in-Tension says:

    Interesting perspective. The focus is on the Catholic church. Unfortunately, nothing will change the catholic church for the better due to the centralized communist ideology throughout the organization. I apologize for my statement but I believe it is a true statement.

    As Christians we should stay in the Word of God. Most large churches are only 501C3 corporations. Look at the Amish people. They probably come closer to following the Word of God then most Christians, and they do not build churches. I wonder why not?

    A building(s) with a centralized bureaucratic organization is normally corrupted over time with ideology and subversive elements such as the Freemasons. A possible alternative to a centralized church is to start holding worship services and bible study at the homes of Christians. If too many people show up then it is time to divide the worship services between other homes.

    I realize this sounds almost counter intuitive, because we have been indoctrinated to believe that large scale centralization is good. Remember in the Bible, Nimrod was the first to centralize everything including, government, religion, language and so on. And how did that work out?

    If you are attending a 501C3 church corporation and it is so large that it has opened an on-site StarBucks coffee shop for Sunday services you are not in a good church. However, if you have found a small non 501C3 corporate church, that is filled with the Holy Spirt, and the pastor is an alpha male preaching deliverance, salvation and the Word of God and has the Spirt to shake the gates of Hell, then you have found a good Christian church. Respectfully, this is just my opinion.

  2. Matt says:

    I wouldn’t want to live in a theocratic state that pushes its “values” by force of law like he is advocating any more than I would want to live in a Marxist state that did the same. His way is really no different than the Marxist, he just takes a different view on certain culture issues. I don’t want the state dictating culture and morality, period. Leave the state out of it, let people do whatever they want in the privacy of their own homes, and let peer pressure and other social forces control public behavior like they used to back in the day, as the saying goes.

  3. Arthur Sido says:

    Any plan to divide and dissolve the union would require people to move. There are too many pockets of deep blue surrounded by massive swaths of red.

    • Matt says:

      One alternative that I’ve seen come up in a few discussions is the idea of the City State where the pockets of deep blue, which are largely highly concentrated urban environments would become independent entities, in other words city states, that have no (political) control over the surrounding territories. That model would allow for an effective segregation with much less population displacement.

      • Truth-in-Tension says:

        Matt, wonderful comment. I really believe this is a good idea. Limiting cities authority to only areas within their city limits, would to some degree, prevent their communist ideology from corrupting the areas outside their city limits. Currently, one or two large parasitic cities dominate and control all the areas of a given state. Of course, the centralized communist cities would fight this idea, however, if implemented it could possibly help to prevent, or at least delay the coming conflict. Be prepared and be decisive.

  4. Rabbi will McCubbins says:

    Catholicism is a very large and powerful cult. Their perversion reaches deep into christianity as well …unfortunately. so if you are catholic you better walk away.

  5. Adam L Baldwin says:

    I wouldn’t want to live in either state this guy speaks of they both sound like statist hells.

  6. robert orians says:

    Having known and loved many Catholic people there is a remnant in that church I can tell you for certain . The church leadership is certainly demon possessed and controlled but many faithful Catholics remain in the pews .As for the Amish being an example of the true church that is a laughable example and could only be given either in jest or by someone totally removed from the Amish culture . The Amish god is green and printed on paper with very few exceptions . I have many Amish friends and will be visiting a few today . They are the abused , confused , and spiritually dominated sheeples that love their masters the all-knowing Elders . The first thought of their mind and heart in the morning is mammon . They are 99.9% dependent on the “English” people and modern technology . Gas,diesel,kerosene,etc . As they say around here if you have a car or a cell phone you have some Amish friends . They are losing many young people yearning to escape the slavery of the Elders and their communistic tyranny . They will go whichever way the wind blows that great fiat god in the feds purse and as soon as petrol is unavailable or unaffordable their charade of independence will disappear . I’ll be taking a carton of ice cream over to sooth the savage beast and cement my friendship . They will worship me for a few hours .

    • a follower (working on it.) says:

      “The church leadership is certainly demon possessed and controlled but many faithful Catholics remain in the pews .”
      According to the way i see and read His word, There should be no one that is “faithful” to the true Son and God left in these pews, in any pews. we are not bound to go along to get along. It is not love to join in and ignore the many problems. we are told to walk away from such evil!
      Seems that many ‘groups’ have issues.
      The Harlot church has spawned many daughters.
      we are to become set-apart from these groups and organizations. Set apart from the world.
      Stand in the Truth!

    • Truth-in-Tension says:

      Robert, thank you for your comment regarding to your personal experience relating to the Amish. I should have mentioned in my comments above that I do not know any Amish people. My comment above was based on their not having church buildings in order to have worship services. Many churches today are too focused on their building fund. Hopefully, the Amish are less centralized than the Catholic church or the large Christian denominations. And hopefully, at least they are not 501C3 church tax organizations.

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