The Writing Is on the Wall

The writing is on the wall if you just open your eyes to see. Whether it is Bitcoin, copper, insulin or gasoline, the full faith and credit of the American dollar is quickly evaporating under the Biden administration. The national debt is only the government’s tool to pacify the masses into accepting tyranny instead of recognizing their leaders’ incompetence.

How far did that stimulus payoff go? Why is Washington, D.C. an armed camp? Why is Biden hiding in the shadows of his government? For the final example of how much your dollar is worth, look at the price of one round of ammunition. Assuming you can even find some to buy.

David DeGerolamo

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8 days ago

David, what can we do man? Excuse my anger here, but I feel so broken lately.
I try my best to be a good father, do what’s right for my family and others around me. I can barely get my head above water brother! They are making sure all my savings is gone! It is tax time and I’m still waiting on one from a year ago and no stimulus yet either. I am angry and want to use it for something useful!

Wes Rhinier
8 days ago
Reply to  FedUpFLman

John Toothman
John Toothman
8 days ago

The cops in my area are buying most of the ammo in my area. I can only guess why.

7 days ago
Reply to  John Toothman

Last year I bought ammo early in the year, then in the fall. Price doubled. I am now thinking its better to buy at this price now and while you do not need to register. Of course the NSA has my credit card data, but F’em.
Copper is a leading indicator of the economy growing and/or supply short falls. This in fact could me a mixed blessing. I am building a home, so its bad for me.

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