There Are Consequences When the Government Fails

Smashing someone’s head in with a skateboard is attempted murder. Some people don’t consider the potential consequences.

James Woods

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16 Responses to There Are Consequences When the Government Fails

  1. Some guy says:

    That kid held his own. What ever happened to the guys on the roof that were supposed to be his overwatch?

    • James L Eunice says:

      The kid did alright. But actually a 17 year old might ought to have been left out of a patrol that had a potential to “run into something.”

  2. Archangel says:

    Carrying a gun when you know you are going to participate in a riot is illegal. Pulling that gun on someone on the ground right before you get your arm blown off, then admitting you wish you “had emptied your magazine into him” is also attempted murder. Still waiting on the news to report this terrorist has been arrested. I have a feeling it will never happen.

  3. Timothy E Tucker says:

    “It will never happen”
    That’s because the local officials are complicit with these riots. There’s not enough police to handle all the criminals on scene and/or they have been ordered to stand down. This is obviously a communist attempted take over and Kyle’s role is obviously to put the fear of the government machine into the hearts of the Patriots. Yes, people were killed in the process. Look at Stalin’s death toll or Moa Tse Dung,’ the top of the commie hierarchy doesn’t give a rat’s ass how many die in Kenosha, or insert any US city, This is the reason to prepare, it’s coming to a town near you.

    • Archangel says:

      I agree 100% I was really just being sarcastic with my “it will never happen” comment. But if both parties are claiming self defense, the only fair thing for the DA to do would be to charge them both, or drop Kyle’s charges. But we know neither of those will never happen.

      Semper Fi

  4. Murtaugh's Mustache says:

    Condition Red in Portland: BREAKING -- A person was shot in the chest in downtown Portland. Unknown if related to antifa/BLM vs Trump caravan clashes. Unconfirmed if person is dead.

    This is taking place a block away from the crime scene:

  5. Juha says:

    Full scale civil war is next. Commies vs. patriots. Communism is a brain virus.. far more deadlier than covid19. Infected persons should be vaccinated.. with bullets.

  6. Patricat says:

    The person is dead.
    Straight-up murder.
    Patriot Prayer man walking down the street, and an Antfa spotted him and walked up and shot him point-blank in the chest. Dead right there.
    Shooter still at large.

  7. tuco22 says:

    If you’re going to defend yourself, make sure you’re masked, like they are. They are always masked so they can’t be identified on someone’s cell phone picture when they shoot at someone or beat them. The laws are already skewed to their side and against you.

    • Jay says:

      That’s the real reason why the government wants people to wear mask, so they can hide the identity of the criminals they have turned loose on the people. Everyone including the CDC and Fauci say that masks don’t do anything to stop disease spread.

  8. 2wit4u says:

    If you are not prepared to die, don’t enter the battlefield.

  9. Grant says:


  10. Gryphon says:

    Shooter has been Identified by 4chan using available open-source intelligence, i.e. ‘social media.’
    Funny how .gov cannot use all the Surveillance Cameras in an Urban Area to do the Same…

    Remember, most of the Enemy (.gov bureaucrats/elected officials) have a Fecesbook page….

    YOU Don’t, right… RIGHT???

  11. Mrs. JOAN CARMODY says:

    I donated to Kyle’s defense at fightbacklaw.

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