There Will Come A Time

Do you know what news is? Does that term have a meaning? Today, news is really their propaganda or our propaganda, your choice. Their propaganda overwhelms our propaganda. Our propaganda is subject to terms dictated by them, because it has to go through Goolag at one portal or another. Even Blogspot is owned by Goolag.

This is what passes for news. It is a news story on the slipping support for Kavanaugh with likely Trump supporters claiming that the accusations have changed their minds about Kavanaugh. Personally, I think Kavanaugh is too much of a Bushy, Anthony Kennedy Jr., an unreliable vote and someone who will relish the role of steering society through the Supreme Court. Granted, I could be wrong, that is just my opinion. But, why is this a news story, unless it is propaganda designed to dispirit supporters of the president’s choice for the Supreme Court.

The intent of all of it is to delay the confirmation of anyone Trump might choose until the communists can regain control of the process and demand that Trump name someone the communists will approve. There’s nothing else here. The communist propaganda team is busy doing everything it can to ensure that the communists take over Congress, delay Trump’s policies and protect those who participated in the coup in the DOJ, especially the FBI.


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1 Response to There Will Come A Time

  1. Bill says:

    Good article but i do believe when the commies truly take over of which i believe they have already and there intentions are truly made known openly then they will think to themselves they have all the power to do legislate and murder all Christians , conservatives, etc. they will do this to us. they will begin with fema camps openings and gather up all Americans who are enemies of there lunatic philosphy. this is where i part ways with your article somewhat. what will happen is this: people like me will see this for what it truly is and thousands like me will become guerilla at best in tactics, and at that point there will be many thousands of dead bodies lying in halls of congress, the university professors, The judiciary, Corporate heads in all media tech companies will be dead on arrival, and anyone who had part in there revolution against our nation. the media will be gone first each and every one of them are tagged now and they all be history, all subversive groups will be taken out and the commies killed for treason. the patriots now and have the lists of every enemy group in the country along with there addresses. it’s either fight for freedom or let yourself and your entire family be hauled off into a fema camp for death. what road would ou choose?

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