They still don’t get it

Democrats are invested in identity politics. On their checklist was a black and they checked that off, or at least half checked it off with Obama, next was a woman and Hillary flamed out and ruined that. Then they envisioned a Muslim, Hispanic, and then perhaps a woman who thought she is an Indian would garner two check marks; these were listed in no particular order.

Along came a brash New York City businessman who did everything wrong, offended people, criticized his own party members, and still managed a win over the Democrat anointed woman to be president. Perhaps Trump couldn’t have beaten anyone else in a general election, but he didn’t have too, did he?

President Trump has never slowed down since the night he won the Electoral College vote. Other than the wall, he has kept or is keeping all the promises he made during the campaign; unheard of in a profession where lies are the necessity of success.

The Republicans haven’t recovered from the general election any more than the Democrats. They wanted someone safe, someone who would go along to get along; in other words they wanted Bush 45. As they are reeling from Trump derangement syndrome, they continue to procrastinate on major issues Trump wants accomplished. The reality is that the leaders of the Republican Party, Paul Ryan in the House and Mitch McConnell in the Senate have little or no interest in making any of Trump’s priorities their priority. Now if one of the Koch brothers passed gas, both of the Republican leaders would rush out with air spray and fans to keep them from contamination by their own flatulence. The Republican priority is, and has been for some time, more preoccupied in keeping their rich donor pool happy than in being proactive in doing anything for the good of the nation. That is why they are ambivalent regarding illegal immigration; the rich donors want cheap labor so the Republican leaders share that goal. In fact they are taking a month vacation rather than tackle the immigration issue or give the President funding for a wall to help stop all the insanity.

What both the Democrat and Republican leaderships fail to realize is that Trump isn’t a real member of either political party; he is the leader of a populist movement and is a pragmatist who attacks problems. When the man sleeps is a state secret because he is in constant motion. He is always going here, going there, attending rallies, visiting with foreign leaders, making decisions, signing executive declarations, tweeting, and berating his opponents and the press.

The people who love Trump forgive him of all his ill-advised comments, confusing comments, and contradictions on some matters. His detractors hate him more than Bush 41 hates broccoli, berate him at every opportunity, create misinformation when no real faux pas issues are at hand, and in general are in denial of his presidency.

Some of the Republicans who are candidates in the mid-term election are awakening and have smelled the coffee and are trying to tie themselves to everything Trump. Will it work? Probably in the diehard working class areas it will resonate; the jury is out on how it will play across the country.

At this point one could think I am singing Trump’s praises; only to a point. I just have a clear memory of Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama; all were “presidential” but got nothing of earthshaking relevance accomplished on their watch. But, Clinton could talk in circles, Bush could slaughter the English language, and Obama could read the written word (teleprompter) with the best of orators.

It is refreshing to see a “bull in a china shop” who is at least trying to make a difference in the everyday lives of Americans; as opposed to occupying a seat in the Oval Office, making sweeping generalities of what they were going to do, and then forgetting what they read in the prepared speech.

Have a good week. Bill Shuey is a freelance writer currently in Grayling, Michigan.

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