They Want Civil War

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5 Responses to They Want Civil War

    • Anna Von Reitz -- LOL!!!

      • Wonderful to hear from you again Thomas. Your riveting in-depth commentary was just a bit lacking, as usual. However, what your unremarkable quips do reveal is an unfortunate lack of literacy, indicating that you lack possession of even the slightest level of personal development or anything vaguely resembling the smallest bit of wisdom. As for personal ethics, you to betray yourself consistently. Yet you still insist on pretending to have something worthwhile to interject into any conversation. Well then, seeing that you are such a clever little fellow, perhaps you care try once again to state your case and views very clearly, then back it with the factual research you have painstakingly accumulated in order to substantiate? As I think we shall not take your word for it. You see, you must be able to perform if you wish to participate and play in this game. Do you think you are up to it?

        • You’re crackin me up! I don’t argue with Anna von Reitz minions & I don’t argue with 0bama-bots.

          Anna von Reitz IS an expert at being Anna von Reitz. She has a very small cult-like following that I don’t get. I want no part of that! Her worldview, thoughts, opinions and work are truly repulsive to me. She has NOTHING to offer me. Anna von Reitz has NOTHING instructive to say.

          All I can do is point and laugh at such nonsense. It’s called mocking!


          However, I’ll try to point you in the right direction:


          I don’t need a reply and a “Thank you!” is not necessary.

  1. Thomas says:

    It ain’t no game and we dumped the founders along with God awhile ago We approach a celebration of the first advent of the King of Kings, Jesus the salvation of God. Fine. Most don’t know squat about the second advent. A civil war here would have profound world wide implications , and would be a fine deadly wound to the one world government that the prince of this world will springboard to his false jesus status. There is no going back, or sending back, just a separating of the wheat from the chaff. It is written, it will come.

    To all who love the Truth, Merry Christmas

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