Thin Blue Line My Ass: Fear No Man

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4 Responses to Thin Blue Line My Ass: Fear No Man

  1. Hank says:

    Good video and he nails it completely. I despise blm and antifa and agree that LEOs and their bosses are sitting on their butt and allowing this devastation. What I despise MORE is seeing LEOs harassing citizens excersizing their constitutional rights.

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in his book The Gulag Archipelego wonders what would have happened if they, the common citizens, would have violently resisted when the state’s henchmen came for them or their neighbors.
    If there is no price to be paid for enforcing the states mandates, then at some point it will envolve you or someone you love and the oppression of your rights will increase exponentially.

    The Blue Line cannot have it both ways. Choose which side you will support.

    Make sure you elect the right person for sherriff of your county; make sure they support the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th amendments, etc. etc. The sherriffs office may be the most important in the county.
    I believe that we need police and for the most part I support the police but when they begin to enforce BS mandates from commie leaders they put a target on their back.

    You may not know this yet but there are people out here who still willing to fight for what is right. What we need is a leader and organization; if someone steps up it may be revealed that there are more willing to fight than was first believed.
    Moon over carolina

  2. Paraclete says:

    Our leader is Our Founding Documents…
    Plain and simple enough to understand.
    All who trample those documents deserve death.
    We are a Republic for which it stands under GOD…
    anything less is a banana republic.
    Death to the new world order and all who promote it.
    Nothing more, nothing less…

  3. Z-La says:

    What are your thoughts on alternative ways the Constitution should be rewritten, such as:

    Steve Pursell -- Why We Must Re-Write the Constitution (70 Million Babies Sacrificed to Satan), 3/9/19

    Steve Pursell -- Civil War Is at the Door (Prophetic), 3/29/19

  4. GenEarly says:

    All government is instituted to do the tasks that would overburden the individual Citizen if left to the citizen to do on his own.
    Law Enforcement is a prime example of some citizens going so extreme as to expect “Protection” from giving solely to Others the job of making us “Safe”.
    Ben Franklin warned how that would go.
    What prevents the Sheep Dogs from becoming the Wolves??? The Sheeples??? Yeah, right, LOL.
    A People get the Government they Deserve. Time will Tell, Comrades.
    I can only answer for myself.

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