This Ain’t No Traveling Circus

christian mercenary

by T.L. Davis

Layne Chapman of Texas, in the area of the BLM land grab along the Red River, is a good man. There are not many who can claim that title. Now, his land is in danger of being confiscated. This is not federal land he is grazing on, it is his land. The BLM wants to claim 90,000 acres, some of it Chapman’s, to “define” the border or some other bureaucratic excuse. Their “good” ideas spell pain and bankruptcy for mere citizens of this pirated nation.

Chapman would like the support of the people in the style of Bundy, but without the force. He would like to see a rally to bring heat to the issue, raise awareness, etc.

I believe Chapman to be a good man. That isn’t enough. 

Right now Chapman has the support of the state of Texas. The Governor and the Attorney General are on the case, but even if that were not true Chapman’s vision is flawed.


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