This Country is Done! Prepare for the Most Brutal War this World has Ever Seen.

My wife one day last week said to me, “You need to write something about all this insanity going on in the world. This just isn’t right.” My response to her was, “What good will writing do? The time for talk is over.”

I have had so many things that I have wanted to say about things that are going on but the situation in this country changes from hour to hour. By the time I finish writing this another insane situation is likely to have happened in this country.

We are under attack. This Civil War/Revolution/Communist takeover is well under way. We are getting punched in the face on a daily basis and it seems all we can do is talk.

This country held three funerals for a thug who was murdered by a police officer. Yet for the last few months, people have not been allowed to be with their dying relatives. They have not been allowed to attend funerals. But this episode fits their agenda so it’s ok?

Six city blocks and a police department have been violently taken over in the city of Seattle and the media is cool with it calling it a peaceful festival. How do you think that would fly if some good ole boys took over a city and tried restoring the Constitution?

We have Governors picking and choosing winners and losers for business and people’s livelihood. Marxist across the country are erasing our history as statues fall across the nation. The list could go on and on with the offences against us.

We know who the enemy is. Sides are being chosen. I hope you choose wisely.  We the People are the enemy of this deep state establishment and they aim to eradicate us. These attacks on us and our way of living will never end. It will never end. They will always hate us. Always. Nothing you can do will change that. Nothing. But more importantly they will never accept us. They will not accept our views of the world, our ideals, our guns and our religions. We are a very different people from these commies on the left and those who would like to see this country fall. We value the individual. We value free thought, free speech, free religion, we value freedom. They hate us for it. They aim to rule us, and we will not be ruled by them. They will never give up their quest to implement socialism/communism. They never quit and they’ll never stop. We the People are the enemy.

It’s sad that it has come to this here in the ”land of the free.” But we are no longer free. We are going to have to fight for the freedom that we each want. This great experiment called America has been pissed away and we are going to have to fight for our children and grandchildren futures. This burden should not be passed onto them.

History it seems has a way of repeating. It’s a damn shame.

I really don’t know what else to say. I apologize for not writing anything lately. I feel as though over the last ever how many years I have said all that can be said but I keep getting drawn back to give a voice to those who are afraid or unwilling to speak out.

This country is done! Pick your side. Choose wisely. Prepare for the most brutal war that this world has ever seen. It’s coming. I don’t think anything stops it now. Hopefully we can set things right if we win, or at least die trying.


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  1. Rabbi Will McCubbins says:

    I recommend getting spiritually ready first.

    • Shinmen Takezo says:

      I recommend you get off your knees, quit sniveling and praying and hoping for some sorta’ supernatural remedy to these problems… instead you should strap-up, get all your reloading quickly finished, tune-up your shooting skills and give hate a chance.

      • Rabbi Will McCubbins says:

        Sniveling? Read Sun Tzu. Or maybe proverbs. Calculations. BEFORE the battle decide the outcome . So I say again for any slow learners . Get your self spiritually ready.

        • Rod says:

          If your not spiritually ready by now you never will be. The conspiracy theories are over as well! Time to gather your stones and slings.

        • God Says revenge is His but he subcontracts…

          • Mike says:

            I thought my Bible said “Vengeance is Fine, Saeith the Lord”
            Maybe I need my prescription checked…

          • Yes. He had used mortal vessels at times to accomplish His vengeance. Moses, Joshua, David Samuel who hacked Agag to pieces, Elijah….do I need say more…?

            Even in the New Testament, Paul the apostle cursed Elymas for interfering with his witness to the pro- consulate. How about Peter who spoke the instant death of Ananias and Sapphira for lying?

        • Russ says:

          I can not imagine going into battle unprepared Spiritually. Spiritual readiness means never having to second guess my motive or actions. It also rightly requires good Intel, strategy and objectives. Yes, calculate. Here is a question I like to pose from time to time.: We can all agree Hitler was a bad guy that needed to be terminated. When could that have been put into effect? 1936? Who knew. 1939? Good luck with that. Pre June 6,1944? What, and not get the benefit of him screwing up the German counter offensive to our D-Day. After D-Day?;He was more valuable to us (and our objectives) alive than dead.

          In some respects our forbearance in the face of intolerable current events is truely a frightening thing.

        • TheTruthBurns says:

          Thank you Rabbi. Some of these reactions here are strange. I know that I Pray All the Time to Give Thanks & Ask for The Strength To Do Things That Are Necessary Especially if they are Difficult or May Become “Harsh” or even “Brutal” but GOD does Command Us that wherever we see Evil We are Required to Destroy it. Shalom.

        • Shinmen Takezo says:

          Tsun Tsu was not a Jew, nor was he a Fundamentalist Christian goof-ball, he was a ruthless tyrant who lived many centuries ago.

          The form of Christianity which dominates conservative thinking has paralyzed conservatives from taking any sort of action.

          They whine and cry when persecuted and can never understand why it is so… well I can tell you exactly why the leftist communists keep attacking your principles and liberties, I can tell you exactly why you see Christian Churches in other countries bombed and attacked…

          It’s because you’re all WEAK!

          Leftists/Communists know that the default position of the majority of conservatives is back on your feakin’ knees and nothing more.

          Wrap your skulls around the last sentence please.

          You’ve been paralyzed into believing that the ‘apocalypse is nigh’ and that Jesus is going to come down shooting lasers out of his orifices smiting the wicked--when in fact it will never happen.

          Instead of sniveling, crying and praying in front of the cameras (exclaiming ‘why me’), you should be picking up your AR’s and AK’s (as they were invented by divine revelation FYI) and standing up.

          Give me 100 good Buddhist Warrior Monks over the Judeo/Christian nut-jobs any day for what is going to unfold.

          • john killen says:

            you summed it up well…………..i am a bible reader and i dont subscribe to what christianainity claims………..bunch of spinless worthless bastards that will not do anything……………………but there is another group that does read the bible and they are of a different cloth

          • David M. Boling says:

            I promise not to laugh as I step over you and your buddah buds rotting corpse’s.

          • Spike4187 says:

            Yeah, I can see why you have a sense of disrespect and hatred for people who call themselves “Christian” Christian churches in America today are paralyzed by political correctness, the preachers have become cowards and have given into the poison of prosperity gospel which has tainted the mainstream Christian churches as a whole. They don’t read their Bibles, instead they copy cat what the fraudsters and charlatans on the TV preaching shows. And those tv preachers only care about one thing and that is money. But you are missing something, you have been deceived by the enemy into believing that is Christianity and it is not. Our battle is spiritual, not against flesh and blood which is why Christ came as a sacrificial lamb. When he returns, he will return as a conquering King. For you sir……it is a matter of faith, do you believe in Christ or not. Here is something that Christ told us. The way to heaven is straight and narrow and few be there that find it. Christ said few…………Don’t watch the TV preachers and think that is Christianity, they are for the most part frauds and the show is a money game, their Christianity is about hype and feelings and being “slain” in the spirit, holy spirit laughter, etc, etc. No context, no sound doctrine, no salvation. But you are right, what is coming will be awful, Know Christ.

          • Shinmen Takezo says:

            Spike…. everything you believe about Christianity is a construct of the Roman Empire and the Flavian Dynasty who created/edited and shaped your so-called scripture. The Pauline version of Christianity was created exclusively to mollify and unify the minds of those in the Roman Empire and unify it. It is all a hoax.

            You scripture were not written until 70 AD/CE (at the earliest)--and by whom?! Paul was a Roman shill. Flavious Josephus was adopted by the Flavian family and was a Roman shill. Many books and writings were excluded from your so-called bible. Compare the King James bible and the Greek Orthodox bible which has many more books. The Romans just superimposed their pagan religion with their own version of Christianity--which they created.

            Your mind is locked into a false paradigm. If you went back to the times of the church led by James--you would have your mind in the right place. Reading your current bible won’t help you as most of the new testament is just pure Roman hogwash.

        • Glincoln says:

          I agree this “spiritual escapism” idea gotta go…sell ur cloak for a sword.

        • Oh how right you are. Jesus didn’t command his disciples to sell their coats and go buy a sword for nothing. He didn’t want them taken and killed before their time.

          Andrew Breitbart was correct to say politics is downstream from culture.

          I’ve brought that concept further to all things of the physical life are downstream from the spiritual condition of the individual and nations.

          You start the fight on your knees. And even in battle, you better be bowed down before God Who already knows the outcome…

          My comment…from somebody, myself, who nearly bought the farm in drastic horrible torture in Moscow’s Kremlin in the 70s…and in East Germany too. I personally knew Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Oh the things that man tried to warn the West of in that famous, greatest speech at Harvard in 1978. Few listened. But here we are today exactly where he said we would be if we didn’t change our course.

          I know how dictatorships and mindset of the few elites who want to the common sheeple work.

          • Niem Fpmak - Nied Fpmak says:

            Solzhenitzyn was a Jew, and after he came back to Russia he reevaluated a lot of his thought, Russia and Russians are a lost case, but we aren t. God is with us.

          • He did some serious thinking about a lot of things in his nearly 20 year exile in Vermont.

            I know what western voices said about him and his address to the West.

            People can proffer their opinions about all thought that they want…but as somebody who personally knew and spent time with him in Russia and in Vermont…

            I understood the hellish thing he suffered in the Gulag…

            No, I never was in that, but I was in a Kremlin dungeon of the worst kind of torture…I’ll spare you the vomiting details.

            And he warned me…of what was coming to the West!

            He was right…

            And all our God-Damned political, elite powers were wrong!

            I worked in the USSR-Soviet East Bloc countries.

            So I may actually know a few things of those horrors that many have had to experience.

            East Germany…just as bad as its root power…USSR!

            I nearly lost my life in both of those God-damned bastions of communism.

            So yeah, I don’t want to hear shit from people who weren’t there…or in Cambodia, Bosnia and Rwanda…

            Aleksandr understood a lot of evil stuff against the West.

            Anybody can say what they want about him.

            But I was one of the the rate few that knew him, his thoughts, his insufferable torture in that Gulag.

            This is one of those things…

            If one wasn’t there, then one can’t say and opine all one wants to say and opine…

            And be off course about what really happened in those days.

            Personally, because one of our missions got discovered…getting 3 little girls, Sasha, Tasha and Ekaterina Alexeev…to safety…out that of the Soviet Union as it was back then…

            It was the thing I almost paid my life for…

            My second in command team leader did pay his life for…though I didn’t find out until 2005, decades later, what happened to him.

            My point:

            Do not dismiss what some of us have sacrificed for the rest of us…for years and years.

            Hope you understand…but I know…

            Few do.


            Please do not lose the perspective of history, or gravitate from it…and what some of us who have lived through hellish pain that many of you have not had to endure.


          • JungianINTP says:

            Angel at the Gates of War:

            You need not read others about that time/place, as you had lived it.

            Maybe you’ve read, “The House of Government,” by Nikolai Tolstoy—
            about Bolshevik Russia’s descent into utter madness and savagery.



            Regarding the psychology driving that madness/savagery,
            read, “Leftism—From de Sade and Marx to Hitler and Marcuse,”
            by Erik von Kuehnelt-Ledihn.

          • Yes, and absolutely yes again!

            Thanks for your insightful comment!


          • Again…repeating…

            TY…for your comment!

          • Spike4187 says:

            God bless you sir……I am glad you made it out of there. It appears however America has forgotten the warnings of her ancestors and most likely will fall. “A kingdom divided against itself, SHALL NOT STAND.” (Jesus the Christ)

          • You have said correct words, though many in the “Christian world” would try to refute you…not me.

            Shalom and bless you for speaking out real truth!

        • JungianINTP says:

          Rabbi Will McCubbins—and read Aristotle.


          White females -- radical feminists -- have emasculated
          their White males into a tragic state of inaction and fear.

          Here’s why the West is in decline:

          Feminists’/Marxists’ F O R C E D
          Integration of diverse tribes:

          There’s much to Learn about our time, Sharyl—from Aristotle:

          Aristotle, on race-mixing:

          “Another cause of revolution is
          difference of races which do not
          at once acquire a common spirit;
          for a state is not the growth of
          a day, any more than it grows out
          of a multitude brought together
          by accident. Hence the reception
          of strangers in colonies, either
          at the time of their foundation
          or afterwards, has generally
          produced revolution.”

          > on bad democracy:

          “[T]he last form of democracy . . .
          [in which] all share alike . . .
          [and] the leaders have been in the
          habit of including as many as they
          can, and making citizens not only
          of those who are legitimate, but
          even of the illegitimate . . . This
          is the way in which demagogues
          proceed. Whereas the right thing
          would be to make no more additions
          when the numbers of the commonality
          exceeds that of the notables and of
          the middle class,--beyond this not
          to go . . . [these] measures taken
          by tyrants appear all of them to be
          democratic. Such a government will
          have many supporters, for most
          persons would rather live in a
          disorderly than in a sober manner.”

          > on how to install bad democracy:

          “Fresh tribes and brotherhoods should
          be established; the private rites of
          families should be restricted and
          converted into public ones; in short,
          every contrivance should be adopted
          which will mingle the citizens with
          one another and get rid of old

          In fact, in his POLITICS, Aristotle
          lists 7 or so societies which had
          turned to bloody revolutionize because
          of incoming tribes.

          He’s a very tough read, because of his
          long paragraphs, packing them tightly
          with sound logic, using extrapolation
          to draw accurate conclusions.


          • Rabbi Will McCubbins says:

            Yes sir! Ive said again and again white male cuckery is the scorce of a myriad or troubles for the west!

      • Adino says:

        Faith and action are not mutually exclusive, despite your broken record, dogmatic opinion they are.

        In fact, if faith directed patriotic action were not possible, the Founding Fathers never would’ve forged the nation you have free speech to hate others that don’t share your spiritual stripes in.

        Crazy idea here, hows about you be free to think what you think, worship what you want, and take what you deem appropriate action and allow others the same freedom? Then let the chips fall where they may.

        War against God and those who believe all you want, but quit dragging your personal war into the real one.

        Unless satan’s 2nd favorite team, (#1 being team islam) secular humanist based team commie, is who you really represent.

        In which case, please, by all means, keep showing your true stripes for proper tool recognition.

        • Adino says:

          My reply ended up under the Rabbi’s when it was intended and directed towards Shinmen (and yes Shinmen it is Adino from ToL and tb2k speaking to you, so feel free to sky scream at me).

      • wburden says:

        Pretty rough on the Rabbi aren’t you?? Actually, as he knows, the reason we’re in this mess is because of people like you who have turned their back on God. We need Multitudes down on their knees praying for God’s mercy and protection. The only “Firepower” that will help us now is the firepower that comes from God’s in-dwelling spirit in the human heart. Get right with God first as the man says… then and only then look to defend yourself and your family with His wisdom. If God be for us, man has no power over us… Get right with your maker!!!!

        • Eric says:

          Our struggle is not against flesh and blood… Start there, and then let’s move to the next battle!!

          • Mary N. says:

            Eph. 6:12 Aramaic translation (language Jesus spoke) “For your conflict is not only with flesh and blood, but also with the angels, and with powers, with the rulers of this world of darkness, and with the evil spirits under the heavens.”

          • Phantom30 says:

            one of the languages Yeshua spoke

      • richard s. says:

        American Jews are an embarrassment to Judaism . Schumer, Feinstein, Al Franken, Jerry Nadler, Barney Frank, Waxman, Schiff, and all the rest. 80 to 90 percent vote Dem which dump all over Israel. how on earth can they support Dems and gun control after the Holocaust? how many American Jews went to Russia as Bolsheviks and how many tens of thousands of Russian Christians did they kill?

        • Rabbi Will McCubbins says:

          Well they ain’t me thats for sure. I can’t even begin to help you understand how difficult it is to watch what they do. I call them Jino’s or traitors

          • NITZAKHON says:


            It’s embarrassing to me to listen to most conversations at my Shul. Unfortunately, my shiksa wife (long story) is not ready to switch to the local Chabad.

        • LM says:

          Did you ever go to the website, “Jews For the Preservation of Gun Ownership?”
          Go to it, you’ll be surprised.

          Most Jews, the Reformed congregations, are very liberal, but Orthodox Jews are overwhelmingly Republican, pro-gun, anti-abortion, pro-Constitution conservatives!

          Reformed Jews are exactly like their APOSTATE liberal Christian counterparts in mainstream Protestantism and Catholicism. Both groups have replaced the Commandments of God with the doctrine of social justice!

        • John Takach says:

          Well written and accurate, blessings

      • Willowwolf says:

        Get right with God, the MOST important prep.

      • Red Coats says:

        Dam right ! Grow some balls and be a man ! We are men and not another gender. Soon the shot heard round the world will happen again.
        I pray all patriot’s are safe and well armed. I will die on my feet and take all others to hell with me ! I am not afraid to die, most are afraid to live.
        May peace be bought at the end of a barrel, and to those that cower I pray you do not run across my path !!!

      • Stavros says:

        Shinmen, I recommend you shut your face. Christian warriors founded this country and won all of it’s wars. Seriously, shut up.

      • Edward Syrek says:

        I agree, but if we do not earnestly pray and seek God for His forgiveness and help, then it doesn’t matter what you have for weapons and ammo. We are toast!

      • Ronda R O'Bryant says:

        That was a extremely foolish statement. You should apologize for your ignorance!

      • Spike4187 says:

        Shinmen. What is coming as foretold in the Bible will be so terrible, so horrific, you may want to heed the advice of the Rabbi. Good luck.

        • Shinmen Takezo says:

          I just had a long conversation with the Rabbi on the telephone… and he agrees with me. Nothing of what is unfolding is ‘foretold’ in the bible… only in your head it is. Nothing of what you are seeing is supernatural--it is as real as it gets.

          A dog can take a piss in the garden of Gethsemane and some fundamentalist Christian goof-ball will thumb up a couple pages of bible quotes linking the pissing dog to the apocalypse.

          I suggest you take up what the Rabbi is actually preaching--and it is not what you believe FYI. Your head is filled with fundamentalist, Christian mush.

          • Spike4187 says:

            I have not said much of what is in my head, I have only quoted scripture to you. And not much at that. What you may need to understand, this war that is coming, you will need every swinging dick you can get to be on your side. Guess what? not all people think alike, we have different faiths, ideas, dreams and goals. For you to want to insult me by saying my head is full of Christian mush is not only an insult to myself but others like me and Christ the Savior. If my faith is mush, I guess then so is others like me, as well as Buddhist, Mormon, Jehova Witnesses, Muslims, Hindu’s, Jews, etc. You get the picture? If we start segregating people because you don’t agree with their faith, you will stand alone. We can’t face this threat alone, all faiths put aside, this is a battle for the survival of this Republic. By the way, Jesus Christ was executed, Paul also died for the Gospel, so did Peter, and Stephen, in fact most of the disciples died terrible deaths to bring the gospel to the world. They all knew Christ personally, Paul (aka Saul) was a hunter of Christians until he met Christ on his way to Damascus. Very rare for a man to die for someone that apparently was already dead, don’t you think? Something must have been very compelling about Jesus the Christ for all these men to sacrifice their lives for. Think about that! I love my Country, I have sworn to protect her as a Soldier with the Rakkasans of the 101st Airborne Division and I served in the MIddle East as well as other places. I served my Community as a Police Officer, I served my Community as a Mayor and now I serve my Community as a Pastor and I deal with more spiritual matters now. Let me tell you the battle is real. Our Country is in grave danger. You and I and others no matter the faith must be joined to fight against this evil or America is lost. You are not my enemy.

    • Bill says:

      The Bolshevik Demonrat BLM and Antifa will destroy the Church of God in this nation and when there job is completed then you will have no temple or church to attend if this is not stopped, and stopped now. war is the only answer, peace will not work with the demon possessed people of the demon-rat party , that’s plain and simple. Christ never said it was a sin to protect ones nation and family from wicked people, it’s quite the contrary, he said there is no greater love then for a brother to give his life in defense of his own brothers.

    • That’s where it begins and ends!

    • Daniel Godwin says:

      Indeed, if your soul is right with God, the fear of death is removed, He will grant you the strength to fight for His side.

    • Adino says:

      Rabbi, I believe spirituality is an individual engaging with what they have decided with their free will is ‘God’.

      Any/all belief systems fall under this umbrella.

      Religion is an individual engaging in what institutions have determined to be ‘God’.

      Its an important difference, that has been used to direct humanity’s direction, primarily to keep us away from Him.

      Spiritually, you and I consider the Creator to be God. We have different ideas about how to be in relationship with Him, but we share the same Father as our God.

      That makes us brothers, spiritually. And gives us the same moral and ethical base as common ground to work with. (That is untenable to all religions).

      Religion, on the other hand, demands that the two of us be enemies, both the Jewish and Christian religions would deem it so. As well as the publicly embraced secular humanism (where man and his institutions are god -- the base of Marxism).

      Those whose allegiance is Kingdom, being spiritual in nature, have much common ground to stand on.

      That is ground religion and its institutions would deny us, as the institutions believe themselves to be god and not Him.

      In Spirit, we are one.

      In the world’s institutions and religion we are not.

      The decision for what camp those we engage, hinges for each of us both as individuals, and as a society and culture as whole, whether or not we will be spiritual in our encounters.

      Or whether we will be religious enemies.

      That is an outright denial of free thought and will. I am having none of that.

      I choose my, and yours, Father’s heart to decide. Hoping that is done spiritually.

      And am counting on the Spiritual base and the follow on individual spirituality -- and not religion to win the fight.

      • Rabbi Will McCubbins says:

        Great. . I’m a messianic Rabbi. So Ive had to leave religion behind .

        • Shinmen Takezo says:

          This is where you have your head screwed on correctly. Anything before that fraud known as Saul of Tarsus (Apostle Paul) is completely kosher. Paul was just a shill for the Romans, who wanted a version of Judasim that would pacify the Jews.

          Paul was the ‘Joseph Smith’ of his day. A complete phony. Later this concept was expanded by the Romans (Titus and Vespasian and his family) to create a new religion that would be acceptable to the entire Roman Empire and unite it. Josephus was adopted into Vespasian’s family and was also their shill.

          Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Empire--and it is the Roman version of Christianity that all modern day Christians shuck and jive to--meaning meekness and weakness with a reliance on a massive supernatural ending (apocalypse) which will set things right (therefore you need do nothing but pray and weep on you knees).

          Modern day Christian Fundamentalism is just another spin-off of the Pauline malarkey, but going further to the extremes with ‘Christian Imperialism’ and all its ills which has pervaded our government and thinking.

          The original Ebionite Christian sect of Judaism died out around long ago, with the last vestiges of it being seen around 350 CE (AD).

          Now if I get the Rabbi correct--he is going back to the original stuff before that fraud called Paul… which is okay. He is reviving the ‘Ebionites’ who followed the teachings of the Non-Union, Jewish Carpenter.

        • Praising Christ says:

          Rabbi Sir,
          May I speak with you personally?
          Thank yoi

    • LM says:

      Absolutely Rabbi! Spiritual readiness MUST accompany warfare and the willingness to fight for righteousness.
      Without spiritual readiness, we become exactly like the ignorant barbarians/fascists that blindly follow BLM, Antifa, socialists, communists and anarchists.
      I continue to pray for peace, but will be ready to fight for God, family, friends, country and the vulnerable.
      God grant us the wisdom…

    • Claude Ramains says:

      Well yeah! God has abandoned the country that abandoned him…finally.
      The only hope is individual spiritual protection because he’s clearly lifted his hand of protection off the nation.
      What do you expect when the US throws the 10 commandments out of public buildings & instead puts an idol of Satan in the middle of the country.
      It’s gonna be bad, real bad & then it will get worse as your outside enemies attack you at your weakest.
      It’s a shame!
      I didn’t hafta be like this if you had listened to your prophets America.
      They have been warning for years.
      But it’s not just you.
      Many countries rely on the US for protection.
      Without that they are sitting ducks for their enemies.
      Australia is one of them.
      Australia can’t defend her borders without the treaty with the US protection & China is just salivating over the downfall of the US so they can take her.
      Of course Australia has done the same sins as the US so the people there can get a good look at their future by watching the US if they don’t repent,
      It may already be too late
      Getting spiritually ready? Yes sirey Bob!
      Australia too!
      If your gonna die you may as well know where your going for eternity.
      There’s no “do over” with this.

      • Peter1919 says:

        Australia is governed by non Australians and they’re retarded. Up until WWII Australia’s defence policy was “And then the Commonwealth arrives” but that sort of didn’t work out when Britain ordered Australian forces to the UK (promptly ignored). Then America turned up in the knick of time. Of course lazy Australian politicians grabbed the defence policy and crossed out Commonwealth and wrote in it’s place United States of America.

        And here we are. The US is about to enter a civil war and Australia has been (at US request) pushing their luck with China, a nuclear power with long memories. A nuclear power that has warned Australia numerous times that they’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’.

    • NEO says:

      “<a href="Cracker is an offensive stereotype“>”No more. The bigotry stops today.”, and we must make sure
      that all foods and snack products are culturally sensitive.”

      • Spike4187 says:

        Yes, NEO. As a child growing up, My feelings were often hurt when we went to a grocery store and Ritz Crackers were on display. Not just Ritz Crackers but all boxes with “Cracker” on them………………..Why??? I would ask my Foster mom, Why? She would tell me in her usual way to shut the &&&& up. Children are meant to be seen not heard. Oh well, I got over it.

    • Spike4187 says:

      Wise words from the Rabbi. I totally agree.

    • Albert says:

      Rabbi M.
      Your post on Cuckery a problem. Indeed PC Cuckery is a capitulated state of mind for those that have been trained instead of educated.
      Find me a satisfied happy woman in the Western Culture and for everyone you do, I’ll give you a bus load of emotional wrecks on the verge of insanity that have a deep fear instilled into them of a true man. As I’m sure you are aware being born a male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of choice. Watching young males get wrapped up into the mental meat grinder of zealous femmies in elected , appointed, or hires such as teachers is heart rending.
      Giggling women and some with their beta male cucks dragged with them holding up signs at the train station welcoming illegal immigrants from a damned near bronze age culture reflects an instinctive need for men by those deceived , frustrated female and trained homosexuals. The wake up period for most Feminists usually occurs in old age when they realize they have been had or sooner in duress of some type of apocalyptic oh sh-t moment often termed a come to Jashua moment.
      It may be perhaps too late to turn our nation away from this promised sh-t show headed this way but mankind currently doesn’t live long enough to get it.
      Stay away from the edges of any fresh excavated ditches where ever you find yourself as will I
      Thank you and have a good day.

  2. Otis D. says:

    Reposted on gab

  3. Dr. Lon Schultz says:

    You are right, the time for words and discussion is over! So what now? Those that are inclined should get ready to fight when your line in the sand is crossed or you are threatened! Develop
    a community based defence force for your community, but long term the economy is likely to fail and most urban community’s can’t grow enough food to sustain them selves. If you have dependents it is probably best to move out to a rural area, that can produce food! do it now don’t wait until you have no choice, you probably won’t be welcome. Read the promised land by Rod. On the other hand there are probably lots of old survivalist that need strong backs, but still have the means and infrastructure to make it through this mess. If you are planning to bug out, don’t wait too long. I have been homesteading for fifty years, trying for self reliance and I am not sure I can make it. To be sure the patriots have the means to restore the republic, but do they have the will? Will there be anything left but ashes? I am too old to do anything but try and stay out of the way, you younger ones will have to decide what kind of world you want for your kids and if you are willing to fight for it. Don’t wait!

    • R. Shooter says:

      Dr Lon. Don’t Feel old age disqualifies you. Age has wisdom that the young don’t have. Also if you have arthritis just get a lighter trigger. Best of luck, Ill get to meet you on the other side. God Bless

    • Spike4187 says:

      If the fight is left up to the younger generation, we are in big trouble. The left has done well in graduating idiots by teaching them nothing in our public schools but hatred for God and our founding fathers. Our kids today have no idea what is at stake because they have had it too good and our traitor teachers in public schools and universities have successfully made them stupid. The communists have a saying.” Dumb people are easily herded”

  4. Him says:

    The line in the sand has already been crossed. A lot of us are going to die or go to prison. Or live in hell on earth because of inaction.

  5. Paraclete says:

    “We could have pursued no other course without dishonor.
    And sad as the results have been, if it had to be done all over again,
    we should be compelled to act in exactly the same manner.”
    -- R.E. Lee

    “Friends, we’re about to defend our Republic, our families,
    and our future. Let nothing stand in the way of victory.
    The evil which desires our land, is determined to have it.
    We MUST deny them, at ALL costs. For if we fail, all in which
    we hold dear, will die. God will provide us the strength, the courage,
    and the resources to prevail. Therefore, we can, and we must, be
    victorious…for if God be for us, Who can stand against us ?
    Claim the victory for Christ and our enemies will fall like chaff before us !”
    -- Paraclete

  6. Arthur Sido says:

    If you are still waiting to bugout, it is already close to being too late.

  7. Rooster says:

    I just passed these out in the neighborhood….waiting to see what happens! Feel free to copy and distribute.

    Dear FUSAn,
    Im writing this plea as I prepare to defend my family and my life. The time has come to ready ourselves for the insanity that lies ahead as America is attacked from within by evil forces. If you deny this fact please crumble this paper and continue on in bliss, but I for one cannot.
    Ill get straight to the point as many will read this, as well as the writing on the wall, and ignore the broken social contract. We currently do not have one that’s intact and chaos will follow. You can choose to ride out the storm alone or in similar company. The police will not be there when they will be needed and you, now, cannot say you were not warned. Our local police are fine people but will flee when the pressures are too great in their area of operations or if their families are threatened: This is a fact! We will be alone as a community to fend and defend what is ours. That will be our lot and the sooner we realize this and take action the better.
    Brights Lane is in my general vicinity and what I consider to be a prime candidate for looting and mayhem as the “oppressed” come for what they feel is theirs. You know who these people are as you see them on TV and recently “protesting” in our neighborhoods. They have no color, code or sense of honor as their brainwashing is complete and they are now the perpetually aggrieved for the reason of the day. That changes regularly but what will not be the same is their actions going forward. I do not wish to scare anyone so I will stop here with my assessment.
    Like minded individuals are free to contact me by text 210-000-0000 to discuss options. If there are military veterans especially NCO types I really would like to see your attention. Men, women and children are all useful in this case and age is of no difference….will is everything. As I hear from you I will reach out to meet to discuss options in meat space.



    • spruce says:

      what is meat space

    • Shinmen Takezo says:

      Nice letter. Completely appropriate--if you passed it out anonymously that is. If not, you now have a massive target on your back. This is huge OPSEC boo-boo. There will be one leftist nut-job who received this and will be “offended” and “alarmed.” Be very careful of who responds to this.

    • Rooster says:

      3 hours after sticking 30 flyers in local mailboxes I received a call from the local police. It seems only stamped mail can go in a mailbox; Now I know and will not do that again. According to the officer, the handout blew up the local facebook accounts and caused general chaos that had police concerned and they had the handout in hand. There was nothing illegal according to the authorities but they had concerns about the “options” mentioned in the handout. I explained that options included local security, preparedness and nothing nefarious or unlawful. The officer suggested that concerns, in this day and time, should be posted online in a community watch type context and I took notes. I spoke with a cop buddy and he is assisting with the proper, acceptable non threatening way to approach community watch forums as there seem to be many. I do not do social media so I did not know. I figure on creating such a watch on Gab once I get my ducks in order as I still think this is important. Hell, we have Antifa types still at the end of our road! FYI, I did not get a single response from the neighborhood….not one. Well, other than the law.

      • Bill says:

        you should have done this under the darkness of night where you cant be seen., the coppers are to ignorant to know and to see there nation is in total danger, and I wouldn’t trust them at all,. remember this, unless you know them personally and where they stand then it’s fine. what ever you do, do by stealth tactics.

      • Shinmen Takezo says:

        See what I mean. Well intentioned--but some ‘nancy’ ninny screwed you and complained to the police. here’s what you should do…

        Years ago in Los Angeles, there was a conservative forum meeting held weekly at the local Coptic Christian Church in Reseda (The Granada Forum) and this deal had a couple hundred people attend each week. It is still on-going but has morphed out of being a super-duper conservative meeting place. This place was the shizzle pre-internet FYI.

        I suggest you book some place, post flyers, post the event on your local neighborhood website. See what develops. Have a speaker on self defense and the home as your initial topic. Also pre-arrange to have some meat-eater types (ex-military/bikers who can pump iron) standing by to deal with leftists who will possibly come to disrupt.

        if this flys, then have bi-monthly meetings and see if it grows. I suspect that a lot of people have shit and gone off the pot lately and you will get a good response.

        If you’re going to stick your neck out--this is the way to do it.

  8. Adino says:

    Reason, logic, and appeals for peaceful coexistence fall on deaf ears for those incapable of also desiring those noble ideals.

    You cannot peacefully coexist with those that want to murder you and steal all you have. Its just simply impossible.

    marxism and islam have as their first indoctrination step the removal of ‘ears to hear’. And both want to murder Trad America and Real Americans and steal all we have.

    Negotiation only happens when those trying to communicate speak the same language.

    The only language left in FUSA is violence. The current conflagration leaves no doubt on this reality.

    It is a sincere pity for those like myself who desire to live and let live and desire peaceful coexistence.

    But, just like when a copperhead decides my backyard is his, and not mine, and threatens me and mine in my own backyard, we have to have the conversation in the only language shared.

    • bbrown777 says:

      Hey Adino. BB from TB2K here from back in the day. Any land available near you?

      • Adino says:

        Hey BB, nice to see you again.

        Indeed there is.

        TN is downright gorgeous -- in all respects -- once you get 30 miles out of Nashville and Memphis.

        Real America still exists outside the Clinton Archipelagoes.

        (check your emails)

  9. WilliamtheResolute says:

    The OP is correct, the time to prepare is past, make your peace with God and this world and wait for the balloon to go up, it’s just a waiting game at this point. I’ve been ready for this day for years and have grown old waiting and hoping to help in this fight. Now, I will dig in and hold my ground and take care of what comes my way.

    To all those who are still young enough to take the offense in this fight just remember that you’re not looking to eliminate the pawns, there are bigger and more important objectives. My greatest fear is that China and our other enemies will take this civil war as an opportunity to engage. Pray for Peace, Prepare for War. God Speed.

  10. Wars started under
    False Pretenses
    False Narratives &
    False Flags
    Still use Real Bullets.

    It may be soon time to
    Stop Yakkin and Start Rackin…

  11. Rod says:

    AMERICA IS NOT! A DEMOCRACY ! Those who say that want to overthrow us. They are domestic enemy’s of the CONSTITUTION! THE CONSTITUTION TELLS US WHATTO DO!

    • Julie says:

      How true. And I recall still living in the USA and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance -- “and to the Republic…”. On the other hand, democracy is mob rule, which is pretty much what you might be heading into.

    • Shinmen Takezo says:

      Let me clue you in on a little well-known secret… the Constitution is dead. Buried. Gone. Poof! Nada! No more. Even so-called conservatives that we elect to our governments would catch fire (like a vampire exposed to sunlight) if they were to ever gaze or even touch a copy of it.

      I know of very little that has been “constitutional” for the last four decades that has come out of the US Congress, state legislatures or local governments.

      And it is dead rightly so.
      You all let it die.
      Now is the time to separate from our enemies rather than wage war against them.
      It is time to put them in their little ‘blue reservations’ where they can live out communisim freely and without harm to the rest of the country.

      Case in point… California.
      The majority of the land-mass there is solid red.
      Yes--wrap your skulls around it please.
      Only a few overpopulated counties control the state legislature.
      The rest are more conservative than the whole of Montana and South Dakota combined--and the number of conservatives in those counties outnumber the entire population of those two states and and a few other ‘redoubt’ states as well.

      Ditto with Oregon as well--one country controls the entire state (Portland).
      Ditto with Washington State as well (Seattle).
      Ditto with Virginia.
      Ditto with many states in the furture.
      And if you think you can run into a ‘redoubt’ you are deluding yourselves.

      So herd them into their reservations.
      There they can live without voting and influencing the larger USA at all.

      Also--rewrite the US Constitution along the ‘Propertarian’ model.
      Look it up--okay I did it for you. Here’s a series of videos by John Mark….

      I would encourage everyone here to spend an long afternoon to review John Mark’s entire series of videos. There has to be a plan for a post CWII outcome--and this is it.

      • Truth-in-Tension says:

        Shinmen Takezo,

        I agree with you on many of your points. Also, I agree that Curt Dolittle and his Propertarian Institute provides us with an effective road map to get America out of this globalist / communist / Chabad -- Kabbilist / Masonic nightmare. I have watched all of John Mark’s videos and I am encouraging everyone I know to watch them. One of the many key points that John Mark makes that we must immediately separate the large communist blue cities from the rest of the state(s) by making them city states that cannot vote for laws outside of their city limits. In other words these city states would have no influence on the rest of the state(s). I consider this point to be a key success factory for saving the States and America.

        I would agree with you, that there are a large number of Christians that follow the preaching of the pansies in pulpit that are in 501c3 churches, however, I can also assure you that there is a very large number of Christians that have alpha males as their pastors, and the congregations of these churches are full of alpha males that are completely discussed with the mess we are in. I can also assure you that while these Smart Right Christian men are slow to anger, they have been preparing for some time and they are ready for the coming conflict.

        • Phantom30 says:

          ubetcha bubba

        • Shinmen Takezo. says:

          I like the “pansies in the pulpit” thing. Agree with you on the “alpha male” thing… but they’re no so much in the Christian crutches anymore. Note the word “crutch” please.

        • Spike4187 says:

          Truth in Tension.. I am with you and I am one of them. Now, I have my 501C3, In order for the building to be donated to me by another church I was required to get it. I preach the truth and I am fully aware of what is going on in America and I educate the people who happen to shadow the doorway. I preach the truth, and the church I lead/represent is not tongue tied by some 501C3. Today, our churches (American) for the most part are a joke, people come in on Sunday to get their “dose” of church but their minds are somewhere else. They don’t want to hear or take the tough medicine and can hardly stomach sitting for an hour. I guess most come because they feel they are gaining brownie points with God but they will sadly realize otherwise when they stand before him.
          Church is people, they meet in a building, we help each other out, we try to address some needs the people in our congregation have, we strategize and organize on way to reach the lost, we talk about problems with one another and how to resist sin. We also preach the duty to stand up for righteousness and in America the voting box is the peaceful way which was carved with the blood of our patriots and divine guidance by God the Almighty.

          God speed to you.

  12. charlesinva says:

    I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating…”It is problematic, at best, to determine at what exact point in time a civilization or society is irredeemably dissolved”.

    It might appear that way to you in your neck of the woods…or not. The point being that you can not rely upon your own understanding to make that determination one way or another.

    I don’t advocate pacifism, nor do I court civil war. Voting CLEARLY will not solve anything, and it increasingly appears that lawless violence is winning the day. I sympathize with Wes in not having the words to encapsulate our predicament.

    It seems to me that both prayer AND preparation are called for. As Jesus told His disciples when He knew the end was near, “those of you who have no sword, go and sell your cloak and buy one.”

    That’s about as real as it gets. And yet all of them, save John, allowed themselves to be martyred rather than draw the sword. So why the advice to buy the sword? That’s a question each man must answer for himself. And it would benefit us all to settle that question BEFORE the trouble arrives at our doors. When it comes, it will come swiftly. There won’t be time for internal debate at that point.

  13. tuesdayissoylentgreenday says:

    I may not be able to run skip and jump like I used to… BUT, I can still hit he ringer at 500 yards with my 308 30.06. Have ammo, food , water some medical for the tuff young guys on my future team who may need it.

  14. Truth-in-Tension says:

    Wes, your article is very good and it is right on point. Your articles are an inspiration to everyone that loves freedom and liberty. Thank goodness for NC Renegade and their work to provide us access to the great articles, such as, your articles and important videos.

    If you do not mind, I have some thoughts regarding your article that I would like to share.

    To begin I believe the freedom loving Smart Right have come to the same conclusion that you have. a Tip-of-the-Hat to Curt Dolittle and John Mark for defining the “Smart Right”.

    It appears that there are really two sides in this conflict. This may seem to be an over simplification but sometimes we tend to over complicate the mess that we find ourselves in.

    The first side is The Brotherhood of Darkness (defined by Dr. Stan Monteith) that is made up of anti-freedom organizations such as the following:

    The feminized low IQ left / globalist / communist / CFR / Trilateral Council / UN / Supreme court / Democrats / RINO’s / ADL / MOSAD / George Soros / Rothschild Syndicate / Masonic groups / CIA / FBI / BATEF / State Department / state employee unions / central bankers / pansies in the pulpets / Zionists / Islam / La Raza / large foundations / bureaucrats / technocrats / tech giants / media corporations / education system / pharmaceutical industry / global corporations / military industrial complex are all on the same side, and they are on the march, and they are working together to destroy the American culture and heritage, Christian values and clearly destroy the United States.

    These traitorous organizations are extremely well funded, highly organized and dictated to bring about a hyper-centralized unelected despotic world government (Huxley’s Brave New World). Their plans are highlighted in their presentations given at the Davos World Forums, UN speeches, and in the Agenda 21 , Agenda 30, and Agenda 50 goals.

    On the side of freedom, natural law, personal responsibility, individual liberty, protection of property, and small / local decentralized government is the Smart Right / American patriots who are opposing the Brotherhood of Darkness. At first glance, it may appear that the side of freedom could not possibly resist the forces of the Brotherhood of Darkness, because the Smart Right is not will financed and it is not well organized, although, keep in mind, the very fact that the Smart Right is not well organized is its biggest strength at this point-in-time. Remember the Tea Part was immediately taken over by the RINO’s once it had an organized leadership structure.

    A centralized command-and-control leadership structure will not be be able resist and defeat the Brotherhood of Darkness. As Americans, we hold dear individual freedom and liberty, and we also intuitively understand that a small decentralized leadership / groups / teams at the local level is extremely effective, as an example, the IRA’s resistance against the British military. The IRA’s effectiveness was highlighted in an article posted on NC Renagade. It will be impossible for the Brotherhood of Darkness to infiltrate hundreds if not thousands of small decentralized groups that utilize 4th generation warfare. Keep in mind, the Smart Right is already well armed unlike the IRA.

    Everyone should read John Ross’s book Unintended Consequences to understand how effective anonymous groups / teams can be.

    The Smart Right must stop the Brotherhood’s cycle of “problem -- action -- solution”. This is really a cycle of fear to convince everyone to accept their freedom killing solutions.

    A good example of this cycle is the planned virus pandemic and the act of shutting down the entire economy of the American States, as well as, the overall global economy. The “problem” was the planned virus, the “action” was to shut down of the entire economy (businesses, churches, schools …), the “solution” an untested vaccine that no one knows what is in the vaccine or what its detrimental elements are. In other words, create the problem, fear of the virus, and the people will demand to take the solution the vaccine irregardless of the fact that there has never been a safe and effective vaccine for a RNA mutating virus.

    The planned act to shut down the economy may in fact prove to be an act of desperation by the Brotherhood of Darkness. Regardless, the act of shutting down the economy has removed the vail that had previously covered the eyes of thousands and possibly millions of American that were suffering from a sever case of cognitive dissonance. These Americans now recognize and are appalled by the in-your-face wickedness of the Brotherhood for arresting mothers for taking their children to the park while at the same time, kissing the boots of BLM members and glorifying the planned destruction of both private and pubic property by both BLM and Antifa.

    There are two sides in this conflict. The side of the Brotherhood of Darkness that will destroy freedom and America and bring about their unelected technocratic one world despotic government.

    And the side of the Smart Right that will lift up freedom, natural law, personal responsibility, individual liberty, protection of property, and bring about small / local decentralized government and severely limit the size and actions of the federal government. Best regards,

  15. JungianINTP says:

    FBI crime statistics clear up
    BLM (( Black Crimes Matter ))
    hatred of laws and the police

    Read this article about the hidden statistics on black-on-white crime in America (( mainstream media refuse to report the awful impact that black men have had on white civil society in the U.S. )):

    “Paul Sheehan, an Australian reporter, dug out the following Information for an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, May 2, 1995.

    “Sheehan based his statistics on crime data compiled by the FBI and partially reported each year in The FBI Uniform Crime Report . These reports can be 
    researched at the FBI’s website,

    “Since the FBI doesn’t distinguish between Hispanics and whites, Sheehan’s statistics don’t adequately reflect the black-on-white crime situation.

    “Only about 10-15% of Hispanics are white, with the rest being Indian or a mixture of white, American Indian, and blacks.

    “Hispanic crime rates are almost as high as black crime rates. This means that the data Sheehan compiled on inter-racial crime is probably grossly understated since a considerable portion of the “white against black” crime actually is Hispanic-against-black crime. (Information about this aspect of inter-racial crime will be presented in a related article.)

    “Here is the information Sheehan uncovered in his analysis of the FBI’s crime reports:

    -“Blacks murder more than 1,600 whites each year.

    -“Blacks murder whites at 18 times the rate whites murder blacks.

    -“Blacks murdered, raped, robbed, or assaulted about one million whites In 1992.

    -“In the last 30 years, blacks committed 170 million violent and non-violent crimes against whites.

    -“Blacks under 18 are more than 12 times more likely to be arrested for murder than whites under 18.

    -“About 90% of the victims of interracial crimes are white.

    -“Blacks commit 7.5 times more violent interracial crimes than whites, although whites outnumber blacks by 7 to 1.

    -“On a per capita basis, blacks commit 50 times more violent crime than whites.

    -“Black neighborhoods are 35 times more violent than white neighborhoods.

    -“Of the 27 million nonviolent robberies in 1992, 31% (8.4 million) were committed by blacks against whites. Less than 2% were committed by whites against blacks.

    -“Of the 6.6 million violent crimes, 20% (1.3 million) were interracial.

    -“Of the 1.3 million interracial violent crimes, 90% (1.17 million) are black against white.

    -“In the past 20 years, violent crime increased four times faster than the population.

    -“In the last 30 years (1964-94), more than 45,000 people were killed in interracial murders compared to 38,000 killed in Korea and 58,000 in Vietnam.

    -“Sheehan commented that the contents of his article could not possibly be published or discussed in the U.S. mainstream media.

    -“In the last 50 years, the white part of the American population has declined from 90% to 72%. 

          “The U.S. now has about 33 million blacks and 25 million Hispanics (legal and illegal). By the year 2050, American whites will be a minority, just 49%. By 2100, whites will be 25% of the population.

       -“What will life for whites be like in the future?”

    -end of report                               

    • Yahudah@1959 says:

      Ok, so how would your stats compare, say the last 25 years to 70 AD, 1492, 1619, and what the cave dwellers in South Africa did to the native population ? it’s funny how Gentiles forget all the crimes against The Most High’s chosen seed, but will be glad to quote black on white, black on black, or Hispanics crimes against others. Short memories, you have ? But, of course it does not matter, because YOU SAY, it does not matter. The Gentile Nations are being judged for crimes against the true Israelites of Scripture. Noting can, or will stop it. Many people on this site have already decided what side they will be on. Brace for impact. The Gentile nations can choose death, or slavery going forward. I guess, L V R, B v W, R v P, right V Wrong. Hmmm. all in 2s.. Anyway, repent, cleave, or suffer the consequences.

      • JungianINTP says:

        Firstly, you commit what logicians call: a F A L L A C Y of Relevance, re your first sentence. // Secondly, crime has gotten progressively worse in the last 25 years, as cities cook the books on crime rates to keep the natives quiet—so present-day FBI stats do no reflect reality: It is really, really bad out there!!!; so , Frodo, don’t go out your door! // Google “cooking the books on crime.” // For example, thousands of rape kits in crime labs have gone unprocessed across America, over 40 years, because the CDC hopes to keep hidden how results had been breaking down, racially: about 80% black male, 15% Latino, and 5% Whitey. // White and Asian males have higher IQs, more even (( less violent! )) temperament—and are far better at passing that marshmallow test, than black and Latino men. // White males have developed/brought us the highest high-culture civilization in world history. // Your vitriol spewed toward Gentiles reflects your hatred of civilizing Christianity. Are you a person of color? Are you an atheistic Jew?—Reform Jew? // Have you read what Rabbi Daniel Lapin would say to you—to shame you, re your gross ignorance? -Rick

    • Bill says:

      you can site all the true statistics in the world, the left and the demonrat party knows it’s the truth but will never state it’s the truth. as for the FBI stats, this unfit group of misfit Obama/Clinton commie Marxist are protecting BLM and Antifa from any investigations, they have openly capitulated to the commie bolshevik Marxist Pieces of human feces and they must be taken down as well as many of our federal lawless agencies, everyone of them are compromised and are no longer working for the safety of the American Citizenry.
      War is coming not only the democrat party/media/judiciary but on all of them for there treasonous and seditious acts against our nation. just look at the crime the FBI and CIa are involved in with the Clinton and Obama cover ups, it’s mind blowing.
      What will you do if the demonrats gain control of the government once again, they will use every lawless federal agency to lock us all up and send us off to interment camps for slaughter , this is what they will do because they have stated it many times will you fight at this time to protect your family and friends or just go off into the cattle cars to fema camps that have the guillotines already set up..

  16. Gomer Wumphf says:

    If there is to be a war against the Muslim/Marxist Democrap Left understand top down works better than bottom up!

    • James says:

      Gomer,while I agree getting to the very top not likely unless already on the inside.

      I really hope as a long haired guy who likes peace and love that I will be left in peace and no one will try and hurt those I love,won’t count on that and thus will keep preparing but hoping alternatives are not necc.,if they are,well it was for most part a fun life and ride,best of luck to all of us.

  17. Robert says:

    There are over 100 Catholic prophecies warning of what is about to transpire, and some heavenly apparitions are recent.

    I’ll start with just three:

    “Russia, because it was not converted attacks both Europe and America, however, America is spared the prison camps.” Sister Lucia of Fatima April, 1999.
    “Russia will launch a massive surprise attack and overrun all of Europe and attack America with her secret armies” -- Blessed Sister Elena Aiello, Italian mystic and stigmatic -- 1960
    “Russia will attack in three wedges: 1. Will attack and overrun all the Scandinavian countries. 2. Will attack through and with Germany to France and Spain. 3. Will attack through and with Iran to the Balkans, then to Greece, Turkey and the Italy. -- Marie-Julie Jahenny -- French Mystic and Stigmatic -- who was shown WW1, WW2 and WW3 in detail -- 1850/1941
    “Italy and Rome will be attacked by Russia -- and Russia will raise her flag over St. Peters” -- Pope St. Pius X

    There are so many Catholic mystics, saints and stigmatics, who have all had similar visions of what’s coming from the 5th century to now -- many of them -- including the prophecy of St. Nilus in the 5th. Century -- that name the end of the 20th. century to be the beginning of the “chastisement”

    A summary is thus: Because of the “great apostasy” of the Catholic Church, and homosexuality, contraception, abortion, immodesty in dress, and many other sins: God is going to “step back” so to speak and let our enemies punish us Beverly for our sins. All those who have supported on involved in these terrible sins (pedophilia, LGBT, abortion, etc, will be killed, both in the Church and the world. There will be sudden plagues, diseases, much more serious than what we have now, to punish the Western Nations and peoples -- when its seems all is lost, when both the Church and world seem doomed, then God steps in and turns the tide -- 3/4 of the world dies.

    Sudden civil war and revolution breaks out in the Western Nations and America, the most violent and devastating ever -- then when all is in turmoil, both Russia and China attack America, Russia with Islam attack Western Europe. This all to happen in roughly by this year late or in late spring next year. We get attacked from six sides:

    1. Alaska and N. Pole -- Russian units drive straight to the Minn. Manitoba border to try and go down the Mississippi to cut America in half, however, Canadians and Americans stop them.
    2. Mexico sides with Russia and invades with other S. Americans from the south.
    3. Russian elements and “others” -- domestic units and collaborators -- attack from the east coast of Pennsylvania and try to drive through Pittsburgh to the Mississippi.
    4. Minnesota: Russian and Muslim forces (many in the Dakota’s, Mich, Ohio, Minn.) set out in teams to destroy bridges, railroads, dams, utilities, electricity, etc)
    5. Florida: South American Socialist/Communists (i.e. Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Panama, and several other S. A. countries side with Russia and come in through Florida.
    6. One Million man Chinese amphibious landing on the West Coast, with “help from within our own government and country” -- they take to the Rockies, killing every man, woman and child they encounter, before we drive them back into the ocean.

    We win in the end but the cost is severe -- over 3/4 of the country die.

    Then whole countries are swallowed up in massive earthquakes and tidal waves, every major city in the world will be destroyed by nature (God) or the war.

    Then, near the end of WWIII comes the “Three Days Darkness” and the Great Catholic Monarch,a ;man with all the blood of European Royalty in his veins, of a family thought to be extinct and living in self exile for centuries.

    It’s not the end -- but it will seems -- the whole world will be renewed (read the Catholic description of the Three Days Darkness) -- then comes the greatest era of peace and prosperity the world has ever seen since the beginning for several generations -- then man begins to fall again and comes the anti-Christ.

    Much more I could go into -- but for now this short summary. Arm up, get ready while you have the time and means -- do what you can and what you cannot (not what you will not) and God will take care of the rest.

    • VVV VVV says:

      I won’t be aiming for Russians or Chinese…. American Leftists are going down first.

    • JungianINTP says:

      Atheistic tribes rape and torture and kill

      with abandon (( blood- and sex-lust—an

      unbridled reptilian brain! )), so all girls and

      women ought to own firearms, and be

      proficient in there use. // Russia and

      China are mostly atheistic nation-states.


    • Goreny says:

      Pray as well, though God helps those who help themselves. He doesn’t want you to be wimps.

    • Shinmen Takezo says:

      What you’re outlining above is the Dave Hodges, Steve Quayle predictions, combined with dreams and so-called prophesies from assorted gadflys--which BTW are completely goofy and are in the realm of the X-Files. Everyone wants to think China will invade the USA--wrong. Or Russia--wrong. This stuff has been floated about since the days of “Mark from Michigan” in the 90’s when there were hidden Russian bases in Montana allegedly.

      During our internal conflict someone’s hands will be on the canned sunshine buttons in the military, both on land and under the sea--and that is the big deterrent.

      Turn off Dave Hodges, John Moore and Steve Quayle please.
      These goofballs are a menace to our movement.

      • Spike4187 says:

        Funny, I served with a unit called the Rakkasans. I served in the Middle East with them as well as other deployments. That was some time ago and every year we would get together in Gatlinburg, Tn. I came home from one such reunion and I happened to look at a Steve Quayle site and sure enough there was a story of Russian troops in Gatlinburg! I thought perhaps someone saw us, we all were wearing the same Rakkasan shirts so perhaps they mistook us for Russian troops. The four days we were there however, I did not see any Russian troops. I replied to Quayles story letting them know not to be afraid, they were not Russian troops but the Rakkasans!!!!!!!!! Quayle never responded. He does not check his sources very well which ruins his credibility. But Steve Quayle himself is a kind hearted person. I know this because a dude I work with hit some hard times. He let Steve Quayle know of his plight and Steve Quayle actually sent him five hundred dollars to help the man out during his hard time!!!!!! In my book that is pretty generous and cool.

  18. LibertyPastor says:

    From the Catholic view of war is the option… the last, the only option left:

    the following criteria must be met at the same time in order for a war to be considered just:

    • the damage inflicted by the aggressor on the nation or community of nations must be lasting, grave, and certain;

    • all other means of putting an end to it must have been shown to be impractical or ineffective;

    • there must be serious prospects of success;

    • the use of arms must not produce evils and disorders graver than the evil to be eliminated. The power of modern means of destruction weighs very heavily in evaluating this condition.

    These requirements are not to be taken lightly. For example, in their pastoral letter, the United States Bishops expanded on these requisites by enumerating the following criteria to which war is a permissible recourse:

    • Just Cause: to confront “a real and certain danger” to protect innocent life

    • Competent Authority: declared by those with responsibility for public order

    • Comparative Justice: Are the values at stake critical enough to override the presumption against war?

    • Right Intention: War can only be conducted to satisfy the just cause

    • Last Resort: All peaceful alternatives have already been exhausted

    • Probability of Success: The outcome cannot be disproportionate or futile

    • Proportionality: inflicted damage must be proportionate to the good expectant

    • Shinmen Takezo says:

      Pastor…. I prefer the Ghengis Kahn’s view on war as an option:

      “Crush your enemies, drive the before you, and take delight in the lament of their women.”

  19. Gonna Gitthoseelite says:

    Does anyone know who is organizing against the gates, clintons, faucis, governors and mayors (the ones who have violated the constitutions), rothschilds and all the filth of our world leaders? We need to fight the real enemy not each other.

  20. mike says:

    “This Country is Done! Prepare for the Most Brutal War this World has Ever Seen”

    The initial phase will be bad enough, it will get really spicey when the moslems make their move. Those that allowed them to take root in numbers while being disarmed will perish, Europe mostly, but it will be a problem here too. The organized moslem states may even feel empowered to make a run on Israel, which will probably lead to a nuking of the more aggressive moslem countries. China will probably make a move also, which may or may not involve more nukes, but will be unpleasant for all concerned anyway. I think we can beat our own communists if we are determined. I think we can handle the moslems that are here if it is just a numbers game, but if China is serious about killing us off and taking over North America, then we will have a real problem.

  21. Bubba Doneleft says:

    Over 70 million babies murdered since 1972, by millions of American women. God bringing justice to all in America regardless of how well armed or how rich you are or how spiritual you think you are. If you were spiritual you would have left America when God opened your eyes to the depravity that you call Blessed. The only option Lot had was to leave. Even his wife died in Sodom if you don’t leave it’s because it is your place to die in judgement along with all. From a mountain village in southern Mexico, born in Texas and raised in Dallas. Using internet access(spotty at times and its ok) at a cafe where I haven’t seen another gringo in over two months. Good luck to you, you will need it.

    • Baja says:

      Same to ya, lived on the border many decades, family in Texas BEFORE statehood, Messco is the murder capital of north America, lawlessness IS their way of life.

    • Moral88 says:

      I agree on the Judgment on America thing, but did you flee to Mexico? Mexico is even worse! A country ruled by organized crime. What are you talking about??

  22. Seeker of Truth says:

    People often say get right with God. How does a person get right with God? (John 6:28-29) Then said they unto him, What shall we do, that we might work the works of God? Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent. Eternal Life is a FREE gift through faith in Jesus Christ. (Ephesians 2:8-9) For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast. (John 3:16) For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. The gospel is (1 Corinthians 15: 1-4) that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:. Believe the gospel be saved! Once saved you are saved forever. You did not do anything to earn salvation you do not do anything to keep it. You are eternally secure. (John 10:28-29) And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand. God Bless!

    • Shinmen Takezo says:

      Here’s a perfect example of what I am talking about…. instead of all the bible-babble, how about publishing some info on 7.62x39 loads?! Or--.308 load?!

      • Rabbi Will McCubbins says:

        Nationally certified reloading instructor here. So thats my cred . Ive laded quite a bit of 7.62×39. I like the loads in the Lee reloading manual for that round. So give them a try. They’re geared towards accuracy more that power. So keep that in mind

        • Shinmen Takezo. says:

          Ditto. Except for the instructor cert. Am working today on molly coated, 175 gen Xmatch boat tails, using 41.5grns of Varget in to Lake city. 308 once shot match grade brass gleaned from the Marine sniper range near Diego long ago. Gets me 2,325 fps.

  23. Blather says:

    The time for talk is over. Actually, I disagree.

    Give them one warning first to change or stop. Then talk is over. You may fire when ready, Gridley.

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  26. Dr. Lon Schultz says:

    I kind of like shinmen. I have tried to give peace a chance for fifty years and I am worn out with it, it might be time to give hate a chance! Wess, another great article and wonderful thoughtful responses, a joy to read it all.

    • Shinmen Takezo says:

      It is time to give ‘hate a chance.’
      That or live on your knees giving the leftist/communists oral sex on demand.

      • Rabbi Will McCubbins says:

        Hate is justified as long as you hate what God hates.

        • Shinmen Takezo says:

          Okay now--you’re mind is getting right. Bravo!

          • Rabbi Will McCubbins says:

            I’ve been right all along! Dont confuse me for a Christian. Christianity is actually opposed to the word of God. Thats why they are powerless. But criticism of the church is just too easy. They have so many biblical things wrong.

          • Phantom30 says:

            Anybody that chooses the traditions of men over the commandments of YeHoVaH hu ha-Elohiym
            is in spiritual chaos. Religion in any form which doesn’t follow Truth is troubled. Know the Truth and He will set you free. His name is Yeshua which means YeHoVaH is salvation, there is no other way accept thru Him.

          • Red Coats says:

            You are correct !!! The letter “J” was not invented until 500 years ago, so how can you have Jesus?
            It is the combining of Jupiter & Zeus, worship of the old gods of Rome. You are deceived if you think you are praying to the real god. Pick up a book and read and learn. Not on the computer. The computer is a lie, wickedpedia is a crock ! It is written by anybody, you don’t have to be a scholar
            to make up definitions for them !

  27. Elder Son says:

    Kind-hearted people might of course think there was some ingenious way to disarm or defeat an enemy without too much bloodshed, and might imagine this is the true goal of the art of war. Pleasant as it sounds; it is a fallacy that must be exposed: War is such a dangerous business that the mistakes which come from kindness are the very worst. ~ Carl von Clausewitz

    Anyhow, reading through the comments, as usual, the freedumb bowl movement turns into a cluster-f**k of neener-neener and finger pointing chest thumping.

    Reminds me of, when I wrote: You so called Traditional Americans, how’s that free speech of yours working out… lame-asses? Have you noticed that the free speech that you proclaim to so cherish for everyone, is not only being spoken, but ACTED OUT ON, while you are not only being thrown into the curb and stomped on physically, but so is your Traditional American muh freedumb speech? Why… it’s as if you believe their free speech, which they act on, is more valuable than your muh freedumb speech, which you dare not act on. Well, just keep flapping your lips.

    Even the soybois of the left laugh at you. At least they are doing. You people? What are you doing, but the usual.

    • mike says:

      Just out of curiosity, what did you do today besides post here? Ambush? Assassination? Sabotage? Raid? Didn’t see anything that made the news.

      • Elder Son says:

        And this is exactly what I have been talking about for 20 years. I’ve heard that same phrase, not just by you, but hundreds of others, over a thousand times, directed at me, and others.

        They are serious and cohesive. The freedomista Bowel movement? Not so much. Brings a whole new meaning to “By Any Means Necessary” doesn’t it?

        Meh. Many of you won’t even “see the whites of their eyes”. You’ll feel the long reach around from behind and squeal… I’ve been set free!

        Well, there’s the “Little Bands of Paratroopers” I suppose.

  28. Moral88 says:

    I am ready! We must unite, but we need a figure to head us! Someone strong and valiant, Trump is too coward! Sometimes I think he is part of the deep state and is just playing with us!

    • Shinmen Takezo says:

      Trump is not a coward--it took a lot of guts to put a boat-load of his own money into the campaign, took guts to even take on that old witch, and it took guts to continues on and win even after the pussy-grabbing video.

      He is surrounded though by shill, wonks, parasites and deep-state traitors burrowed deep into the systems in DC. Take this feck Bolton as an example… offer him a million dollars for a book deal (that was ghost written BTW) and he turns over like a female puppy on his back.

      The town is filled with them.

      All of them are everything that President Eisenhower warned us about in his parting speech to the nations--and for those of you with short memories…

      FYI--you don’t get to these high-paid, lofty parasite positions in government without selling out…. and that included all branches of the military with those 2, 3, and 4 star fools in the pentagram. General Betrayus, Collin (the equal opportunity General) Powell and General Boy-Butter who likes it doggy-style, Mattis come to mind.

      None of these fools got to the top for being like General Patton or Colonel Puller. They are all incompetent political animals who rose to the top of the DC pond like scum .And we worshiped them like ‘heroes’ when in fact they are all zeroes.

      This is what Trump has to deal with at every turn at every level in DC.

      A couple weeks ago there was a virtual military coup where the top pentagram generals disobeyed his direct orders--in fact I firmly believe that there was the not so veiled threat of a military coup against Trump.

      What Trump should have done at the moment in time was to remove all of them--arrest them, confine them to quarters pending court-marshal. Then promote the next one in line to fill the vacancies--and go down to the level of Colonels if need be.

      This is the only thing I criticize Trump for--and that is lack of will to use the immense power that he holds as president.

      What you fail to realize is… you entire governmental structures have been subverted from top to the bottom (local).

  29. Enoch says:

    bottom line : It’s a Spiritual War, so we need to follow Jesus’ instructions to us on how to wage Spiritual warfare according to His will ( not our will ). I don’t remember reading anything in His Word
    about gun usage, but there are loads of instructions from Jesus about using the Word of God as your sword.

    So I will stick with that weapon of choice,
    Thank you

    • Sunmin says:

      guns weren’t invented back then. Christian warriors founded this country, won all of our wars, and we will win this one again. Google George Washington’s prophecy at Valley Forge.

    • Elder Son says:

      Remember that when your mother, wife, daughter, you, and your sons are being gang raped and ripped to shreds by a demon infected mob.

      “But now, he who has a money bag, let him take it, and likewise a knapsack; and he who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.”

      “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.”

      “But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”

    • Goreny says:

      What Jesus said was, if you don’t have $$$$, to sell your cloak and buy a sword. That means use the weapons of the day. That means fight for yourself, your family and your land, your country. It can’t be any plainer than that. There comes a point where it becomes physical and we have Jesus’ permission to take on the fight. Physically. In Battle. Wake up. Stop looking for excuses not to engage.

      • Spike4187 says:

        I hear a lot of coward preachers say “well, we must obey the laws of the land” but they forget what our Constitution tells us (which is the supreme law of the land) that when our leaders fail to follow the Constitution, we have a moral obligation to overthrow such leaders. (I am paraphrasing) our leaders have been doing this since the end of WWII but now, the pressure is on and you can read the writing on the wall. Time is short and the fight has already started. The patriots that swear they are going to descend on CHOP on July 4th and take it back gave the idiot mindless fools of CHOP time to prepare. I would not be surprised if the traitor mayor of Seattle isn’t secretly arming them for the battle that may occur. I guess we will see.

  30. Pineslayer says:

    I hate to wade into this spiritual debate, but here it goes.
    History will not care if you believe in Heaven or not.
    Our children will inherit the outcome of our convictions, hopefully. As I believe everyone here desires the same outcome, freedom.
    When that time comes, when i draw my last breath, the universe will decide where my energy will flow. Let it be to your children and mine, as I am a determined SOB.
    Peace to you when possible, peace to you when you need it, indifference to those ahead of you who have sown it.

  31. Dr. Lon Schultz says:

    We will probably have to fight individually or in small groups until a leader emerges, we may not have the option to wait. Oh, where is Arthur or Merlin or even a Washington when we need them?

  32. Phantom30 says:

    Yes give good men guns and set them loose. But “We the People” are all men under authority of the constitution and by Romans 13:1-8 we don’t “carry the sword for nothing”. There are five things we must never do: 1) Never think you know it all. 2) Never allow yourself to be disarmed (physically or spiritually). 3) Never get on the bus (it is not going to take any where you want to go). 4) Never stop improving your situation 5) Never quit. Always seek His face, hear His voice and obey His will. Be prudent (Proverbs 27:12) if you don’t have a weapon get one, now. The one and done choice is a Hunt Group FD12 Bullpup magazine feed semi-auto 12 ga.shotgun. It is a high performance pray and spray weapon really good in urban, suburban, and around the house rural areas. Affordable, available, flexible ammunition. The good men will cover the other options. You take care of business at home, unless you have a fully prepared bug out plan.

  33. V Bish says:

    I would recommend that if you are serious about fighting this evil in our land you check out this website: This website is a great place to learn who these people are, who’s funding them and what you can do to help fight them in your local community and or government. Just thought I’d share this. I agree with what most of you are saying, this is now a fight against a communist, Islamic takeover of our country. As a veteran, I took an oath and I mean to uphold it.

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  36. sue says:

    Google George Washington’s prophecy at Valley Forge.

  37. jesep says:

    these truths r self evident great web site

  38. Jon B. says:

    Country ISN’T “done”. I loathe defeatism -- it insults all vets…..

  39. Gorney says:

    China knows about USA Treaty with India. Perhaps they are threatening us not to intervene.
    We have to. Don’t we? oh-ohhhhhhh.

  40. Goreny says:

    Yes things are changing rapidly but please keep people pumped up and ready.
    Oh, and the corona Covid19 is in the FLU SHOT, which they are enticing people with AGAIN, by offering it for FREE.
    It is not contagious, just at the WHO said. What they didn’t say? It has to be injected into your bloodstream.
    The alleged covid19 “VACCINE” coming next, also has to be injected directly into the blood stream.
    It’s not a vaccine. Also will not be contagious. People will believe it is a vaccine and take the shot and it is they who will fall over dead. They won’t be able to catch it from anyone, but we’ll be told those who don’t take the vaccine are spreading it. There will be nothing to spread. It’s the idiots who take the vaccine, that fall over dead. Injected into their blood stream. However, believing the false info, like the people still wearing masks, will believe they are in danger from everyone else and it is they who will take the SHOT and that is what kills them.
    Not contagious.

  41. pete says:

    Thanks for letting us post. To be spiritually ready means to be saved in the LORD. There are so many good posts here but we’re warned not to get too caught up in the end times but to observe and pray as the final 2300 days will soon be upon the earth. No matter what plans of mice and men, 1/3 of the earth will be “scorched,” right after the abomination, between the 6th and 7th seal. I’m guessing that this will be from the great war machines after HE removes us from the earth. HE promised us the book of truth would be open at the end for us to understand much more about the end (mostly in Daniel 11).

  42. Enoch says:

    All Ye of very little Faith !

  43. Shinmen Takezo says:

    Here’s the latest John Mark video to help everyone here get their minds right…

    You should all share the links to Mark’s videos with all your contacts and friends.

    • Rabbi Will McCubbins says:

      John Mark is fantastic info.

      • Shinmen Takezo says:

        If you believe so, then spread his words and videos far and wide.
        What he holds and propels is the solution to what comes after the spicy-times. Without a plan, then it all turns into Zimbabwe here. He and Curt Doolittle and their ilk have the plan and solutions.

        The gist of it is thus… peaceful separation.
        Baring that, spicy-time then forceful separations, with the leftist going into reservations… inside of they have no sway over the larger mass of the country at all (disenfranchisement).

        Once you realize that the current constitution is out-dated, that no one on the left is ‘salvageable’ (perhaps just a handful--but not worth the effort), once you realize that our current constitution has been driven through by convoys of buses and trucks, once you realize that everything you hold dear is subverted…. then you can embrace the new paradigm.

        Some people may have knee-jerk reaction to the message and this is fine. It’s like being told you have cancer--but then offered a sure fire cure.

        Conservatives need to go through that process of ‘denial’ to ‘acceptance’ with all of this.


    My name is Terry L. Cook and I’m a retired Los Angeles Police LT. I published my first on such things in 1994 titled, The Mark Of The New World Order. My book has been about 98% accurate to date. So check my latest book at this website and watch the 13-minute video presentation. I promise you this, this is something you have never before seen! If you have the guts to watch this 13-minute intro video, then you have the RIGHT stuff! Watch it here now by clicking on this direct link:

    Thanks and God bless you, my friends! Terry L. Cook, Spokane, WA USA

    • Shinmen Takezo says:

      Alright Terry… thank you for the kooky link you provided.

      Have you taken your meds today?
      Are you feeling okay?

      WARNING TO EVERYONE — this link is completely nutso!

      This is just what our movement needs--more gadfly nuts like this guy.

  45. Pete says:

    I’m afraid you’re right. This is the end and it’s time to act as if the war has begun. Nothin is left but the ensuing violence which will probably go hit by November. Sad to say but I think it’s coming. Please see this article.
    It’s on, people.

    • Shinmen Takezo says:

      The ONLY way to survive this Marxist Revolution is to wage a rigorous, ruthless COUNTER REVOLUTION… and everything that it entails.

  46. Shinmen Takezo says:

    • Dr. Lon Schultz says:

      Rereading all the comments, Shinman you are way over the top, I love it! Three cheers for free speach. If you all haven’t read Mills essay on liberty, I highly recommond it! While I haven’t had a personal experience with communism / socialism, my wife’s nightmares and relatives experiences, leave me no doubt about its need for expulsion from America, by any means necessary. Socialism can not coexist with freedom, for that matter neither can Islam! Shinman, do you have a web site?

      • Shinmen Takezo says:

        I’m way over the top?!

        Barry Goldwater said: “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.”

        No--I don’t have a website, but another patriot like myself and I are thinking about starting up a new pod-cast series.

        In the meantime I just jump into the comment sections here and there and shake the shit out of things until people get their minds right.

        • Dr. Lon Schultz says:

          That was a.compliment, I guess I have been holding my tongue too long. Well keep up the good work! Your thoughts need to be heard. I look forward to your comments.

  47. Judgement is coming !

    A God sent and vindicated Prophet.
    Malachi 4:5 Matthew 17:11 Revelation 10:7

    God raised the dead on FIVE occasions

    The Pillar of Fire was photographed on SIX occasions

    William Branham

    • Shinmen Takezo says:

      Okay--for posting this video I suggest you go back to bed and take a double dose of your meds. You’ll feel much better around dinner time.

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  49. Truth-in-Tension says:

    To All,

    All of the replies are exceptionally good and well thought out. Even though we are not in agreement on all points, it is abundantly clear that we all agree that our towns, counties, States, and America are in great jeopardy.

    It is also clear, that the Brotherhood of Darkness is providing unlimited funds and organizational talent with the intent to destroy the Smart Right which they undoubtably believe will result in the destruction of the States and America. The current trends will only get worse, and they will accelerate as the Blue States / Highly Empathetic Left devolve into orchestrated lawlessness. There is a high probability that the lawlessness will spill over to other ares besides the Blue States and cities.

    The pertinent question becomes what actions do we take now? The John Mark videos provide an outstanding high level road map, however, the videos do not provide the initial steps to take at the local level. Personally, I do not believe at this stage of the friction that it is time for direct confrontation, although, I believe we should begin taking counter actions within the legal framework. With this in mind, I would like to suggest the following actions and ask everyone to add their suggestions as well. I would suggest the following initial actions:

    1. Withdraw our acquiescence from all government mandates that conflict with natural law, reciprocity, freedom, property rights, traditional family, 2 genders, (man and women), and small decentralized government. Participation in the mandates is acceptance to modern day serfdom.

    2. Use cash instead of credit cards. This will be difficult for some of you but it is a necessary action. Even if 50% of your purchases are made with cash this will be effective. This actions has many advantages that I will not list at this time.

    3. Discontinue shopping at the large national box stores and restaurants. Do business at local stores and restaurants. Yes, Walmart and Costco do have lower prices, but keep in mind that they are members in good standing in the Brotherhood of Darkness.

    4. Try to develop contacts in your area of like mind Smart Right people. This can be somewhat difficult to do in Blue States such as Commie-California. As you get to know these people better encourage them to become prepared with extra essentials such as food, water, firearms, ammo, body armor. This should include the necessary training. Then ask your new Smart Right contacts to team up with you to organize a neighborhood or block watch group. Then with this group develop operating procedures to follow should the friction turn into conflict.

    5 Everyone should obtain a Ham radio along with a minimum of a technician class Ham radio license. This way should the tech giants fully censor the internet we will still be able to keep in contact with various Smart Right Ham radio nets.

    6. Become proficient with your firearms. For very good training I recommend Front Sight Training Institute in Pahrump, NV which is close to Las Vegas. When you obtain your firearms be sure to obtain firearms insurance. I would recommend USCCA for such insurance.

    7. Join and support uncompromising 2nd amendment groups such as Gun Owners of America, Firearms Policy Coalition, 2nd Amendment Foundation and National Association of Gun Rights. Stay away from the always compromising National Rifle Association. If you can send even 5 dollars a month to one the 2nd amendment groups do so. It really helps.

    8. Start pushing back against immigration from low IQ low trust countries. Join groups that oppose unlimited immigration. The web site Vdare is a good site for information.

    9. Learn about the danger of 5G cell towers. Once you understand the full ramifications for 5G then push back against their installation in your area. We can have a later discussion on 5G after you have done some research on the danger. Of interest is that some groups in Ireland and Wales have begun resisting the 5G tower installations in their ares by burning them to the ground. I do not recommend taking this type of action. I only point this out to show that the danger of 5G cell towers is not a secret anymore.

    If everyone will reply with their suggestions for initial steps that we should take I will add them to a master list that we then critique and then develop into our initial action plan that could all follow in their area.


    • Bill says:

      this is all good, but Evil doesn’t take a rest nor step back, it only moves forward. So, at some point very soon we will have to confront these bolsheviks in the street, in all of our Governmental bureaucracies, federal, state and local as well as destroying and shutting down in its entirety all of the pro communist MSM media including there mobile vans which have dishes on there trucks. then and only then we will be free of these evil and wicked forces of darkness. peaceful protests will not work any longer, peace with wickedness does not and never has wicked, only there deaths will serve as to mothers of there ilk and then they will creep back into the holes they came out of.

      • Truth-in-Tension says:


        Well said and I totally agree with all your points. In my comments above I mentioned that I do not believe that we have reach the point-in-time for direct confrontation against the bolsheviks (Brotherhood of Darkness) primarily because a large portion of conservatives are still hoping things will improve. I do believe that non-violent indirect confrontation is the best path to take at this time.

        As you mentioned evil only moves forward, therefore, as evil increases more and more people will be affected by it, and then they will recognize its true nature.

        Keep in mind, this is not Cambodia, China, Cuba, Russia, Rhodesia, Mexico, South Africa, or Venezuela. All of those countries were taken over by the Brotherhood of Darkness because the good people were not well armed, or they surrendered their firearms to the government. In America the Smart Right is well armed, and has no intention of ever surrendering their firearms to any city, county, state or federal government.

        That is why in my previous post I was asking for ideas on what actions should we take now before we reach the point-in-time for direct confrontation. While I provided a list of actions I realize that it was probably incomplete and that many of the people that have provided comments could add theirs suggestions to my list and therefore improving it.

    • Shinmen Takezo says:

      5g towers can be dealt with .308G.

      What truth leaves out of the proscribed list is thus:

      1. Get rid of your cable carriers. Stick only with your internet provisions with them. If you are paying for HBO and the rest of the subscription channels--dump them as well. You do not have to pay for these premium chanels. There are pleanty of free streaming services where you can see anything that is put on premium channels for free. Here is a link to a good one:

      Also any live-event will be streamed free somewhere on the internet. Six massive media companies control ALL of what you see and hear on the radio, TV and even local newspaper. Shit-can all of it. This will do an enourmous amount of damage to the globalist corporations.

      2. Cancel all travel to Disney and other studio owned themed parks and cruise lines. FYI--Disney is charging 150 per head for adults, when their actual overhead per person is around $5.45. When you travel and spend you money at the Disney parks, you are supporting ABC Capital Cities (ABC News, etc.).

      3. Do not do business that openly expresses support the the BLM communist movement. Do not use them as subcontractors and so forth. Do a litmus test before you commit to any sort of financial output. Do not hire contractors that employ illegals--ask first before hiring.

      Remember, money is also a weapon.

      • Truth-in-Tension says:


        Very good suggestions. I will add all of them to the list of actions that we can take right now. If you think of any other actions let me know and I will add them to the list.

        • Shinmen Takezo says:

          To wage a war against the media in all its form--you have to cut off the media’s supply of money… I will come up with more ways to sabotage these beasts.

          • Shinmen Takezo says:

            The thesis is: media relies upon ‘advertising’ to exist. Cut off advertising to media, television networks, etc. you cut off the head of the snake. Example: Brand X (a local business) is advertised on a local station that features Commie Programming Y. Then take the Alinsky model into action--burn Brand X’s products publicly in front of Brand X’s place of business in a staged media event. Do this down the line--until no one will touch Commie Programming Y with a 10 foot pole.

            This will work with national products as well.

            If 15% to 20% of the enemies advertising revenue (or more) can be effectively neutralized--this is a major blow to the enemy.

            For this to work, you have to get out of your comfort zones, stop mumbling Jesus words hoping he will float down and save you, get off your Barcaloungers, put aside trying to seem more reasonable than the leftists, stop being nice to the leftist and start radicalizing as the leftists do

  50. Enoch says:

    Okay all you mighty, ( completely trained in hand combat & highly skilled in gorilla warfare ) men,
    GO for it. You and your family will all be ravaged regardless of what measly little resistance you manage to dream up in your head. The Beast is already built up to the point of being indestructible (except for by Jesus who is above all things). That is why Evil has put their plan into action in 2020 because The Beast System is finally ready. There will be no possible way to save your life and the lives of your loved ones, unless all of you bow down and worship the Beast.

    Why does man continue too fight to his death to remain in this life, when Eternal Life is so much better. I have no problem with living a full life on earth and then going into Eternal Life from there.
    But we have all been chosen to be alive at this particular moment in time, which means we will no longer be aloud to live that full life. Our lives will never be the same as it was before all this. So why fight for that, cause it will never happen, you will never win. If your going to resist your death
    now, all your doing is prolonging the punishment that the Evil side will inflict on you until you die anyway, in a day, a month, maybe a year or two.

    No, I suggest a much easier solution to all of it. Keep the promise you made to Jesus Christ when you accepted Him as your personal Lord & Savior. Every born again, Holy Spirit filled, real Christian, has made this one promise to Jesus. A true Christian promises his life to Jesus so they can have Eternal Life. If you gave your life to Jesus then you have no business trying to defend it.
    Jesus will defend your life if He so chooses, either way it’s not for you to decide. Your only obligation is to live a life Jesus wants you to live and have a close personal relationship with Him so when He tells you to do something. you do it, because you here Him. It’s not rocket science people
    if you simply do what Jesus tells you to do, Everything, Always works out according to His will which is what we all really want anyway because that means, A Life of Perfection ( Eternal Life ).

    • Shinmen Takezo says:

      What a chicken-shit reply the above is. Jeeeeze!

      So what you are telling everyone is thus: roll over on your backs clutching your bible--wait for the snarling masses to kick down your doors, rape your women then beat you to death… all in the hopes of ‘being with Jesus.’

      Fuk me! Yeah--but I’ve heard this malarkey before.

      The above post proves my points about many Rapture-Retards being worthless.

      I remember standing in line at the post office a couple years back--and two women were in front of me yacking about how wonderful it would be to be “persecuted and die for Jesus.”

      Rolling my eyes like Don Rickles at the thought of them right now.

      Please make it a point to exclude any sort or person like Enoch in your groups. FYI--we outnumber the communists/leftists in this country. We have all the weapons and ammunition. We have all the ex-military on our side. We have the training and willingness to press the fight if need be… but not with a wonk like this fool above dragging us down.

      Prediction… Enoch will be featured on YouTube soon having the snot beat out of him and his place looted out by leftist thugs--but he’ll wave his bible at them and use harsh language as he goes down.

      What a looser! A defeatist.

  51. CG says:


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