This Had Better Be Stopped. NOW.

Google has had one of their executives caught by Veritas on tape saying they intend to prevent a second Trump win.

She hasn’t denied it either; in fact, she admitted it.

Google runs the largest (by far) search engine.  And the largest (by far) video distribution for “shorts” (Youtube.)  And the largest (by far) ad network (Adsense and affiliates.)  And the largest, by far, mobile operating system (Android.)

Folks, this has to stop.

All of it.

Right damn now.

There’s an election coming in a bit less than a year and a half.  Primaries will start up in earnest shortly.  The process must be believed to be clean by both sides.

If it’s not that fateful Wednesday in November of 2020 half the nation is going to wake up convinced they lost because the other side cheated.  The other half will believe they won despite the other side cheating.

It doesn’t matter who wins and who doesn’t next year, in short.

What matters is that the American people had better believe, almost to an individual, that the process was fair and there was no cheating.  That falls not just on voting matters directly but on the attempts by the media, whether old or new, to skew results, to steer people and to play psychological games with them whether through some “AI” or via in-person interference.

You have weeks, maybe a couple of months, before the window slams shut on this opportunity.  Beyond that point all you’re doing is packing powder into a tinderbox with a lit fuse.

This is flat-out, without question, the most-dangerous admission I’ve ever seen and a very high-risk predicate for outright dirty civil war within the next 18 months.  It only takes 0.1% of the American Population to decide they’d had enough of this crap and are willing to spend their life.  If that happens you suddenly have three hundred thousand people committed to destruction who are utterly convinced that they are staring down tyranny and are willing to do whatever they can to stop it.  They will be uncoordinated, you have no way to know who they are before they act, and once they do you can only sentence someone to death for a murder once; the facts, whether you like it or not, is that all the rest are “free, and always will be.”


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