This is our world

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14 Responses to This is our world

  1. Steve Cutts is a genius. That is the saddest thing I ever saw. But it’s true. Wake up, Americans.

    • Average Joe says:

      With all due respect, how can someone who makes a cartoon showing some bigoted stereotype of a fat guy in a wife beater T displaying a Confederate Battle flag attacking some skinny train rider be considered a “genius?”

      Despite my advancing years I’d like to have a face to face with the male and see if I could educate the bastard, one way or the other, on the glorious history of that flag and the cause fort which it stands. Enough, by god, is enough.

      One can only ponder why the “genius” didn’t reflect real crime stats and have some thug homie in a BLM T shirt attacking the poor girl. No doubt his “White guilt” prevented it.

      Y’all have a nice day.

      • @Average Joe, Y’all missed the whole point of the exercise. I pity people like you. I have “educated” those guys, faced the enemy firing live rounds at us. I take it you’ve never been in combat or confronted some idiot with a very high opinion of himself, or been with two lovely women who desired and admired you because you were the kind of man who sticks up for the little people and the ideals of free speech and fairness. You have evidently led a sad, lonely and wasted life, wasted because you never stood for anything or anyone worth defending with your life. Fantasizing about confronting a bully in a wifebeater, and saving a woman’s honor?, how sad is that Joe? Believe me, you’re way below average, I’ve always thought of myself as Average. An average American and Marine. Go take a nap and dream of that ‘rescue’ some more Joey.

        • Average Joe says:

          Have you always been a troll or is it a recent development?

          Maybe you have been so busy making absurd assumptions about others that you missed the recent headlines regarding the attacks on Southern history, culture, heritage, and symbols?

          I have no way of knowing exactly which rock from which you slithered but how about attempting to ascertain and comprehend something beyond your own bigoted biases before you speak.

          If not I’ll have to nominate you for the Samuel Clemens Award.

          Y’all have a nice day.

          • Average Joe says:

            Before I go any further….

            I deeply regret responding in anger and not following the words of my Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ. For His sake I am compelled to offer an apology for this transgression of returning evil for evil and ask pardon for doing so.

            Having said that let me, in afterthought, ask what about it is about my post that so distresses “Not Average Joe.”

            Have you called into question my pointing out the author of the piece used the symbol of the Confederacy and Southern heritage in an inappropriate manner?

            Do you disagree with my pointing to his willingness to use MSN stereotypes?

            Or do you take offense at me pointing out his willingness to ignore facts and simply take the politically correct position on crime?

            If your particular disagreement with my post is not found feel free to list it for civil discussion and let us endeavor to leave personal attacks to less honorable men.

            Y’all have a nice day.

      • Pink_Vapor says:

        Avg, With a more toned down response, I agree. It was the only thing that stood out as out of place. There are white trash jerks out there, very few battle flag beater types slapping people around in the city. The hoodies are the typical city predators.

        • Average Joe says:

          Thank you PV.

          My disgust and anger stem form a life time of seeing, experiencing, and reading about the truth of black crime. I certainly understand in the current political climante many are self trained in equivocation and self censorship preferring to simply “tow the party line” rather than actually questioning the party narrative. George Orwell anyone?

          A quick glance of actual crime stats should leave the reader questioning why these facts are not more often reported but I’ll leave such questions between the person and their conscience.

          I will close this post by pondering the effects of ignoring these facts. Are we more safe by living in fear of mentioning them? Are our families safer by refusing to research them? Is our culture and society better off by remaining silent about them? What future have we set in motion for our children buy leaving the issue unaddressed? Are we so well trained by the constant bombardment of propaganda that our fear of being called names has caused us to surrender our honor?

          Y’all have a nice day.

  2. Hey Average!

    I don’t think we’re looking at the same video.

    • a follower says:

      It is the same video. People seem to see what they want to see.
      Bullies come in all colors wearing all sorts of flags.

  3. chulai1968 says:

    Publius…… I agree with you. Animation done in the classic early 1930’s style (which only intensifies the starkness of the sad underlying message, which is “people just don’t care anymore…. they don’t have time to pull themselves away from their electronic teat to show any concern for anyone else. Life has no value anymore). The injection of ‘butt filler’ takes a nice swipe at the Kardashian fetish for ponderous posteriors, and the current widespread shallow obsession with physical beauty in any form, too.
    In fairness to Average Joe, there was a brief depiction of a large oafish character wearing a shirt displaying the battle flag of the Army Of Northern Virginia, but that was only incidental. I don’t know why he would dwell on that. It might have touched a nerve, which I think was the artist’s intention in the first place.
    All in all, it was rather depressing, like the old silent film, ‘Metropolis’ with the workers marching in slow staggering lockstep to and from their daily labor. Is that what we are becoming? Uncaring drones?

  4. Phil says:

    yup, the masses are all brain dead zombies walking around jut existing and programmed voting for demon-rats.

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