This Is What A Hillary Presidency Looks Like

CAUTION – Strong Language Warning.
But you need to watch it anyway.

“This is what Democracy Looks Like?”

If this is what democracy looks like, I’d rather live under a monarchy…

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5 Responses to This Is What A Hillary Presidency Looks Like

  1. Tom Angle says:

    All that is missing is brown shirt, but then again, Americas would still deny what is happening.

  2. LT says:

    Tom, Hillary doesn’t need any visible “Brownshirts” -- the DNC and associated race-baiters have riled up the “brown-skins” instead. I don’t say that to be racist, I’m drawing a very real parallel. And all the professional agitators which the JustUS Department is currently funding and transporting around the country to instigate these violent and riotous outbursts should read their history, before they face their own Night of the Long Knives, even as Hitler’s Brownshirts did.

    Hillary and the (D)emoncratic party have, once again, set up African Americans as their go-to trouble maker/constituents, and will abandon them as soon as they get Hillary elected, just like they repeatedly have over the last 40 years. The anger regarding abusive treatment by LEO is justified, the anger about inequality is also justified. But the abuse and enforcement of inequality is not coming from the majority of us -- the decent, law-abiding American public -- it’s coming from a progressive fascist elite, whose platform has, for the last 114 years, included promoting racial eugenics to create a “perfect socialist society”, just like Hitler wanted to create in Europe, and you can bet that Blacks aren’t intended to be an equal part of it.

    • Tom Angle says:

      I was making a reference to how the American people are so blind or plain lie to themselves that it would not matter if those people dressed like the SA. They would still believe that everything is going to be alright.

      • LT says:

        Sadly sir, I believe you are correct. And the reality of things is now so twisted that I honestly cannot rule out the possibility of a ‘counter-revolution’ that produces some form of a ‘National Front’ type organization exactly like the SA… the US came close in the 1930s, as FDR and the establishment was reveling in the first golden age of Progressive/Communism. We are again flirting with just such a flavor of disaster, I believe.

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