This Is What Democracy in Egypt Looks Like

The demonstrations in Egypt where signs stating that the gas chambers are ready were the beginning of Israeli flag burning rallies:

The demonstrations today in Cairo show a stark contrast to the new Egyptian awakening portrayed by our leaders. As the Israeli flag was burned, swastikas were held next to signs stating  “The Gas Chambers Are Ready”. The sides are being drawn across the world and Israel is the focal point. Although the Obama administration has shown disdain toward Israel and our Judeo-Christian foundation, true Americans support Israel and its future.

The rallies have now escalated into violence as “activists” broke into the Israeli embassy as outlined below. Remember our administration’s position on Democracy in Egypt?

Does anyone think our current administration supports Israel? The response by the Egyptian military and police show that Democracy in Egypt has been transformed into an Islamist state against Israel.

David DeGerolamo

Cairo: Protesters break into Israeli embassy, flag removed

Witnesses say policemen, soldiers stand by as activists use hammers to destroy protective wall around embassy; no Israelis injured, embassy workers not located in building; 1000s converge on Tahrir Square.

Egyptian protesters on Friday night broke into the Israeli embassy in Cairo and succeeded in removing the flag from atop the high-rise after they destroyed a protective wall surrounding the building.

No Israelis were injured as Egyptian activists demolished the wall around the Israeli embassy in Cairo during angry protests.


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