This Is Your Urban Defense Briefing

For those enough salty enough to remember the ’60s live, it goes by the period reference:

Do unto others. Then split.
Hanging around to answer stupid questions is a sucker move, and only liable to fill the D.A.’s dance card – with your name.

Don’t be That Guy.

You should have a brass catcher mounted already.
Eff Off. At a slow but determined walking pace.

Everyone remembers the guy running.
No one looks twice at the Grey Man walking away.

Word to Claire Wolfe*:

It’s getting pretty damned close to that “Time to shoot the bastards”. Just saying.


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2 Responses to This Is Your Urban Defense Briefing

  1. Bricky says:

    Realist, Educational, Experienced, Right to the Point, Short Video …
    Terrance Popp
    “As a dude who has survived a few gunfights, Popp decided to share some rules to help you survive one too.”

  2. David says:

    In the mountains, it is shoot, shovel, shut up.

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