This Video Caused Christians to Attack Mecca

Obviously the title is a bad analogy to the Benghazi tragedy. Free speech? If this parody on Saturday Night Live featured Mohammed instead of Jesus, the producers would be in jail under the policies of the Obama regime.

David DeGerolamo

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4 Responses to This Video Caused Christians to Attack Mecca

  1. rogerunited says:

    Maybe it’s time we started rioting over this stuff.

  2. Last logic standing says:

    That was the most despicable thing I have ever seen period.
    I tell you what I have a lot to answer for when my day of judgment comes but, I would much rather beg for forgiveness for my past sins than to be anyone that intentionally makes a mockery of the son of God, whoa be unto them .

  3. Lori says:

    I thought “the H is silent” was hilarious. And I will say I found this to be funny as in ironic. Jesus is coming again and he won’t be in the Redeemer mode, it will be as King of KINGS and Lord of LORDS! He will be coming to settle affairs

  4. Pam Reynolds says:

    Jesus is coming again real soon. I thank him everyday for dying for my sins. Then I see what people are trying to do to him in America now and I do what I can to stand up. O and his cronies know they must take God out of our lifes and country to get their agenda done faster. God will not stand for this, Lori is right when he returns he will be the King of Kings.

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