Selco recently pointed out that the SHTF moment is close when there are no repercussions for violating the law. We have to set a base point: without the rule of law, there can be no Republic. A simple premise since without laws, the compact known as the Constitution is not valid.

I watch Hannity on Fox since his is the only show detailing the crimes of the Deep State. I take exception of his vindication of the rank and file of the FBI since (according to him) only the top echelons were responsible for the silent coup against the President. In my mind, if you do not fight and expose evil, you are only aiding and abetting evil.

Which brings me to James Comey. Or rather, it brings me to William Barr. Comey’s crimes as outlined in the IG report have already been validated by James Comey himself. The “theory” that AG Barr will not prosecute Comey because the case is weak legally is just ridiculous. The thought that the DC court would not convict him due to its liberal nature is flawed on two points:

  1. Liberals are actually defenders of the Constitution. The term liberal has been co-opted by the radical left whose purpose is to overthrow the Constitution.
  2. If a court is rendering judgment based on ideology instead of law, it should be held accountable for its dereliction of duty.

Which brings me back to Selco. It is obvious that criminals who operate under the tacit approval of the Deep State and its judiciary have no fear of repercussion for their actions. Whether it is the people responsible for the coup, child trafficking overseen by Epstein or treasonous acts by the Clintons, justice is no longer served (outside of Arkancide). If this logic is correct, then we are in the final stages of a government which is about to face a SHTF future.

I will not speculate on the various types of SHTF scenarios other than I believe the cities will bear the brunt of the collapse. I do believe that there is little or nothing that the average person can do to stop this inevitable civil war since the other side knows this is their last chance to seize power.

As for justice, AG Barr has shown us the truth concerning our two tiered justice system: there is no reason James Comey cannot be tried and convicted of crimes that he himself has admitted. I pray that God metes out His justice swiftly so that we can rebuild a moral society to pass to our children.

David DeGerolamo

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7 Responses to Thoughts

  1. a follower says:

    i agree. Also have this feeling or knowledge that nothing new is being revealed. Most of us already knew so much of this was and is going on. They reveal what we already know and tell us they are pursuing justice???
    Seems like a lot of bait and switch, all part of their traps & trappings to make the people believe and trust in mankind and a overrun corrupt babylonian beast system.
    As ‘individuals’ i suggest seeking turning back to the True God.

  2. Rabbi Will says:

    Gentlemen I can only say Amen to that!

  3. Josie Anonymous says:

    I totally agree! Another North Carolinian…

  4. Clevon jefferson says:

    Thoughts, correction- set base point. Rule of law. You got it backwards. You can’t have a representative republic WITH rule of law. You can only have a representative republic with the Rule of CONSTITUTIONAL Law. RoCL is the exact opposite of RoL. RoL is a top down government with no -we the people- component. Afghanistan has a RoL government. No we the people component, No Constitutional attention, or detail. RoL was sourced to Brit communist albert venn dicey, follower, and buddy of Karl Marx, circa 1917. The U.S. has never been, and hopefully never will be, a RoL government. We are, and should always be, a R o CONSTITUTIONAL Law government, of the people, by the people, for the people. The term RoL is a continuation of the scams perpetrated by the communist democrats. The same useful idiots with no cause and effect genes, that keep telling people that the U.S. is a democracy- WRONG!

    • David says:

      Definition of a republic: a government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives responsible to them and governing according to law. The law referenced in the article was directed to Constitutional law.

    • a follower says:

      And without a moral people, it falls apart.
      a thought for the near and present future, what do you get when society is without morals, yet all about LAW?

  5. anon says:

    “I take exception of his vindication of the rank and file of the FBI since (according to him) only the top echelons were responsible for the silent coup against the President. In my mind, if you do not fight and expose evil, you are only aiding and abetting evil.”
    Well said.
    Seeing as how not one FBI agent has spoken out against the coup, an objective observer might come to the conclusion that all FBI agents are in favor of ousting the President.
    Yes, we are really quite lawless right now.

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