Language warning but this is how leftists talk.

h/t Hans in the woods

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  1. How do you feel that this man was a leftist, because he has long hair, circular glasses, his tone of language? I listened to his monologue and did not hear anything to indicate to me he was left leaning. Brutally honest.

  2. KS H says:

    By George I think he’s got it

  3. a follower says:

    “Language warning but this is how leftists talk.”
    And we on the right? Many including myself at times? Many posting here?
    So how honest is “our side?”
    This guy seems to be speaking quite a bit of Truth!

  4. Lugh says:

    Reality is round. Go far enough “left” and you will be right. Far enought “right” and you will be left. it’s really time to ditch these terms in favor of centralized and decentralized; Globalist or Nationalist. And btw, any nation that lacks a fair degree of sharing is doomed. It will simply be taken over by the corporations as has happened here, using the state as a battering ram. What the people don’t do for themselves must be done by an outside agent.

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