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David: Hope you and yours are doing ok under all of this turmoil going on ! Like you, I am equally tired of hearing what is going on at the southern border, the lack of political support being given The President, etc, etc.
This being said, I am equally tired of hearing excuses by the President on his achievements on one hand and his lack of actions on the other hand ! There will not be any deal on the part of the Dems and we have a ever worsening condition in our Federal Government being shut down that is “not” accomplishing much if anything, The Southern Border situation getting worse and world wide conflicts wasting money we don’t have !
At some point whether it hurts (We Patriots) or not, we have to ask “WHY” is the President not declaring a “National Security” emergency at the border and within the country and demanding he do this ? We do not have any options left and failure on his part will likely cause an implosion of our country and a possible civil war !
We need to be demanding the arrests of politicians who continue to allow violations of federal laws dealing with National Security, Immigration Violations, Voter Registration, Federal Fraud filing for benefits and a laundry list from A-Z of many other crimes !
Despite what President has done to date, we must question and lay responsibility on him for not doing what it is obvious needs to be done and that is declaring a “National Security Emergency” and locking this country down and getting control back before it is to late !
You have my permission to print this if you care to as always and thanks once again for everything you do.

God Bless and Take care, Don Pagani Franklin, NC

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6 Responses to Thoughts from a Reader

  1. Hadenoughalready says:

    I’d guess Trump is waiting for the first of February, when the food stamps are supposed to go out, and they don’t due to the dem’s refusal to budge, will give him impetus to enact / declare a national emergency.
    There WILL be riots in the street and chaos across the country. This will force the people to cry out for martial law, giving Trump full reign to purge the criminals from our government.
    But that’s just my guess…

  2. John Kummer says:

    Well said, Don. Yet, like everyone else, there is no mention of the “Northern Border” issues that equally compromise our national security. Canada is currently an ideologically hostile, socialist nation. There is almost no control of large groups from Asia moving into the US from Canada. Not a problem, you think? While admittedly,most of these folks get jobs, do the paperwork to become legal, etc., there is almost no control for initial entry. How many DPRK sleeper cells have been implanted this way? How many Agents from countries like Iran, Russia and Northern India?
    The point is that yes, we need a solid barrier at the Southern Border. Yet, this is only a part of fixing the National Security implications associated with Immigration Laws.
    Best wishes and prayers for God’s blessings for all.

  3. Sayedna Gregori says:

    I have been saying the same thing for sometime now. What is and has been happening to our country is a crime, but it isn’t something new, because our own elected officials, on both sides of the aisle, have been selling us out for years. It really makes me sick to see how, ever since, 9-11, every aspect of our government, Federal, State and local, has been bending over backward to kiss the hind quarters of the Muslims and how many of them are being elected to government positions despite knowing how much they despise our Constitution. Why haven’t the true patriots risen up long ago? The “TREE OF LIBERTY” is nearly dead from lack of watering. I have always supported President Trump and have had great hope that he would put us back on the right track, but I cannot understand his hesitation in declaring a ‘National Emergency” and the border secured. We also NEED to get rid of the so called “birth -- right” citizenship b.s., granting automatic citizenship to those born here to illegal immigrant parents, as well as the laws that say once an illegal enters the country “illegally” and asks for amnesty, we cannot kick them out before they have their day in court, paid for by the American citizen taxpayers,
    We also must get rid of ALL the treasonous teachers, college professors, as well as all of the anti-American treasonous elected and unelected cancer cells warming their collective asses in our government. In other words, the Government of the United States needs a complete overhaul from the very top to the very bottom.

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  5. LT says:

    “We are two hairs from civil war…”
    Agreed. We have been hanging over the precipice for a long time, and our fall is long overdue.
    There was never any voting our way out of this, and its about time we admitted the gravity of our circumstances -- our choices are reduced to just two: fight or surrender. And still Im not seeing any fighting going on.

    “Too late” is still too late, regardless of any high-minded ideals we may claim as excuses. When our “principles” prevent us from taking right and just action they are not principles, they are reduced to a false justification (excuse) for cowardice -- that statement will offend some, but those who will not rise to defend what they claim to believe are, for the most part, incapable of either believing or defending anything at all. They are the luke warm who shall be spat out.

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