Threat Characteristics and TO&E



by Sam Culper

I hopped on WRSA this morning and saw a couple articles describing the blurred lines between military and law enforcement. A series of questions asked,   Were there “mercenaries” working for BLM at the Bundy Ranch?, Do regime agencies have the ability to put boots on ground through private military contracts?, and What is the make up of former military veterans currently working for regime agencies?

Those are all great questions and I’d like to address them indirectly.  One recurring theme in the Intelligence Collection and Analysis (ICAC) courses I teach is the lack of knowledge about military units, specifically the Table of Organization & Equipment (TO&E).  No one in particular is to blame, however it’s something that we need to become familiar with, if not already.  How many soldiers are in a typical Military Police company and platoon?  How many guns does a typical artillery company have?  What are the differences between National Guard and Regular Army mechanized infantry platoons?

If I was running the Analysis and Control Element (ACE) at the Bundy Ranch, one of my intelligence requirements (IR) would be, What is the strength and disposition of regime forces in the Area of Operations (AO)?  If we want to bridge intelligence gaps, then we start asking questions and tasking out collection to answer those questions.  How are they organized?  What equipment do they have?  These are some critical intelligence requirements that, by direct experience, most Patriots haven’t asked.

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