TIME’S UP! Health Ranger warns we’ve reached the end of the window of opportunity to prepare

This is it, folks: We’ve triggered a tipping point that’s now plunging America into a self-reinforcing collapse spiral that cannot be halted. The weaponized lockdowns were maliciously extended month after month in a deliberate effort to crush the U.S. economy, cause widespread business failures and reckless levels of unemployment. This was all carried out by Democrat mayors and governors as a deliberate assault on Donald Trump’s America.

There are plenty of fools who think this can all be undone after the election, but that’s a tragic miscalculation. The destruction of business infrastructure, food supply lines and economic opportunity was carried out on such a grand scale that it has now reached a “snowball effect” tipping point of self-reinforcing economic destruction.

We are beyond the point of no return.

It’s like a Beirut bomb of debt has just been ignited. And the results will be catastrophic.

Tens of millions of new homeless before the end of the year

We’re talking about tens of millions of Americans becoming homeless before the end of this year. Mass starvation as food inflation reaches new, insane levels. Explosions in crime across U.S. cities where woketard Democrats have worked to abolish or defund police, which is already leading to record increases in rapes, murders and other violent crimes. (Democrats have become the pro-crime political party, and they all endorse left-wing terrorists like Antifa. If you vote Democrat this year, you are voting for rapists, arsonists, terrorists and murderers.)

If you have failed to prepare for the chaos explosion that’s coming, you have now reached the end of the window of opportunity to get ready. There will be no more advanced warnings and no pauses. The sh#t is already hitting the fan right now, with each passing day that the lunatic Left pushes for civil war in the streets of Portland, for example, where even the woketard left-leaning mayor is now pleading with terrorists to stop trying to “murder” police officers by burning down their buildings. Via Breitbart.com:


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1 Response to TIME’S UP! Health Ranger warns we’ve reached the end of the window of opportunity to prepare

  1. Blivot says:

    Mike Adams is really hysterical. Some of his articles on Natural News are kind O’ shocking.
    We the conservatives have done nothing for the last 50 years to curb the insanity of the Marxists. They have grown exponentially and have infiltrated every organ of our society with impunity. Now, we’re finding out just what they’re up to.
    The US will never be the same. We have too many American/Communists in our midst to quash the tidal wave of ignorance and lust for violence . . remember, the Communist Manifesto dictates that a social [cultural] revolution MUST BE VIOLENT, just any old namby pamby revolution won’t do . . it’s gotta be VIOLENT.
    But . . theyll be quashed, squashed and prosecuted --to some extent. I don’t see tens of millions of people homeless nor do I see famine in the homeland.

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