TL Davis: Communist Spring Sprouts in Minneapolis


This is the stuff of revolution. Don’t let any of the promoters of Antifa try and tell you that they do not support the riots in the cities across the US. They have supported these proponents of communism for the past several years. Usually, these Antifa troopers, who are nothing other than the military wing of the Democrat Party, served them well while countering all manner of conservative protests, especially anything having to do with Donald Trump. That Antifa took their role seriously as revolutionaries and now fail to see why Democrat run cities should be excepted on their list of targets is simply amusing. 

Antifa usually operates well in and near public universities, but more so when school is on and they can organize on campus, which is their MO, but they have strident supporters across the nation, nurtured by Democrat governors and mayors who sought to employ them as counter protesters to conservative opposition to Democrat policies. Whenever the right came out against something, Antifa was there to provide cover for these Democrat governors and mayors, but not when they smell the opportunity to advance their sole objective of installing communism across the US. 

This website has always been a proponent of the republic, of capitalism and freedom and so, Antifa has always been a concern. They are provocateurs and when Democrat mayors bemoan the instigation by out-of-state influences, they don’t name Antifa, but that’s who is responsible. There are a few tactics for which they are known, the most obvious is that they willingly confront the police, targeting them as fascists, despite the fact that Antifa uses fascist tactics like shutting down free speech rallies where the speakers are conservative. They use bottles of urine as a hall mark. They set fires, especially to cars. They use bike chains and locks as weapons and recently decided to get into firearms, too


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1 Response to TL Davis: Communist Spring Sprouts in Minneapolis

  1. Gryphon says:

    “ANTIFA” is judeo-communism.
    This is the Exact Same Method the bolsheviks used in Germany in the 1930’s
    That the (zionist-occupied) ‘government does NOTHING to stop them shows us that there will be No End to the Violence until Good People take it upon themselves to Violently Rebel against not just the ‘useful idiots’ in the Streets, but the OWNERS of the government corporation.

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