TL Davis: I Am Criminal

Fear is a tool of the tyrant. Law is another tool of the tyrant. When you put them together, you do not arrive at freedom, you arrive at more than even tyranny. You arrive at terrorism, by means of law. The very idea of a “business license” is one designed to ensure that the state has ultimate control over businesses, otherwise they don’t arrive at the neo-communism practiced in America today. The neo-communists have figured out that “state-owned” means of production is a non-starter, it makes the government responsible for production and when that production does not yield enough goods, people become disgruntled with the government and lean toward revolution. But, “state-controlled” means of production allows them a buffer between the government and the people, the businesses themselves.  

The business license claims all sorts of benefits. It ensures that people who can’t cut hair don’t open hair salons. The further justification is that some chemicals used in dying hair and other hair care procedures can be misused and harm the patron and the business license can be revoked by a bureaucrat with no accounting for due process. In a capitalist system, one law suit would eliminate that incompetency from the market. But, the business license still relies on someone doing something wrong in order to be effective, so what purpose does it serve? Now, we know what purpose it serves. The same with liquor licenses. The license provides the threat. Sell to underage people and your liquor license can be revoked by a bureaucrat with no accounting for due process, despite the fact that there are laws against it that can imprison the violator. So, what purpose does the liquor law serve? Now we know what the purpose serves. It is all about control, not safety. The health department should serve (and probably really does serve) merely an advisory capacity. It should not rank higher than the U.S. Constitution and certainly not when itself admits that not enough is known, even yet, about the coronavirus to use data to enforce such sweeping and absolute rule over a “free” people. 


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4 Responses to TL Davis: I Am Criminal

  1. Ron jeffries says:

    Using law as a tool of the tyrant is a standard communist tactic used by the communists, and perfected by the U.S. legal system. You have people with no authority, and no position in life, making laws that violate the Constitution against we the people. Tactic #1 is the “rule of law”. A communist directive. In the U.S. we don’t and have never had “rule of law”. We have, and always have had- The Rule of Constitutional Law, the exact opposite of rol. ROCL is of the people, by the people, for the people. rol is of the self proclaimed elites, by the elites, and only benefitting, the elites.

  2. Gryphon says:

    The Author here has “hit the Nail on the Head’ with his analysis…

    Pilot’s ‘Licenses’ were originally issued by a Private Organization, the FAI, or International Aviation Federation. they were Recognized by Governments as showing that someone had the requisite Skills to be Recognized as a Pilot by his Peers. Then, of course the bureaucrats recognized the Power derived by ‘issuing’ Pilot’s Licences tied to a specific Nation, instead of an Impartial, International Organization. Every other ‘license’ the government issues is based on this principle of Control, and the ‘license requirements’ often bear Little to No Relationship to Practical Skills.

  3. Thomas Hanna says:

    Perhaps we could begin issue a Criminal license to anyone who can demonstrate ability to disregard worthless govt. edicts. Would same govt. seek to co-opt said license then? What a hoot.

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