Toe The Line

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3 Responses to Toe The Line

  1. Shannon Kennedy says:

    When the blue uniform does not stand for the largest criminally minded organized gang in the entire uniform that is when cops can stop worrying about citizens rights to carry guns. It used to be good cops cared about the humans in their communities & did everything they could to help childrens & teens by putting them back on the right track. Until the day we see gopd cops instead of mass corruption & murder along with bribery & drugs you cops will have no choice but to deal with the problems you solely created with your crimes against the citizens of the world! Suck it up buttercup cause & effect! Ye shall reap what you sew!

  2. Brandon says:

    Watch for the liberal counties to start forming county Police deparments like they did in Mecklenburg and Gaston. When a Sheriff stands up to the bureaucracy they replace the only constitutionaly elected law enforcement that the people have any control over with a yes man commissioner/chief that answers only to them and can’t be removed.

  3. Gryphon says:

    Po-Lice departments have no real basis in Constitutional Law, (or english common law, either) and
    are a Creation of communistic, City ‘governments’ that needed a group of Armed Thugs to Enforce ‘revenue acts’ and Malum Prohibitum ‘laws’ to Finance the corruption that Cities are the center of. These thugpigs are the only reason the (((bolsheviks))) are able to ‘enforce’ their laws that are contrary to the Constitution and Natural Law, the God-Given Rights of every Individual.

    The Boogaloo will not be Complete until EVERY ONE of the bureaucrats and their Enforcers are
    swinging from Trees.

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