Trey Gowdy – Benghazi Hearing on September 17, 2014

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3 Responses to Trey Gowdy – Benghazi Hearing on September 17, 2014

  1. Tom says:

    I believe Mr. Gowdy is asking the right questions and is going to get to the truth concerning the lost of life in Benghazi. Keep it going Mr. GOWDY, I support you all the way.

    Tom Walls

  2. Charlie Secondat says:

    Great political theater. I think Gowdy should be nominated for an Oscar but they haven’t made an award for Best Political Rave on Youtube yet. These people are doing NOTHING but beating their chests looking for re-election. Mark my words NOTHING will be done. The entire Republican establishment is so obviously complicit with the current administration so they put guys like this out there to make it look like they are not.

    • David says:

      And you know you are correct for one simple reason: no one asked why the ambassador was there. They admitted there was no government in place in Libya. No government means there is no reason for an ambassador to work with.

      Stevens met with a representative from the Turkish embassy for dinner. No party wants to expose an illegal arms deal that went badly. As you said, great theater for the masses.

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