Trump Denounces His Base: Who Speaks For Us Now?

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10 Responses to Trump Denounces His Base: Who Speaks For Us Now?

  1. Lon Albright says:

    She’s right…. so ladies and gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves!

    • leflard says:

      It’s far past time to prepare to defend ourselves. You should have been ready a year ago. Harden defenses. The enemy is at the gates. The Rubicon was crossed months ago.

  2. Jeff Marshalek says:

    I disagree with the premise posited by Patriot Nurse. I still believe the ballot box is capable of turning the tide that has washed against the shores of this country. The Frankfurt School has disseminated social theories which are designed to destabilize societies for the expressed purpose of gaining control of said societies. President Trump has not abandoned his base as Patriot Nurse stated. The President has overcome innumerable stumbling blocks or traps set by these “Frankfurt School Ideologues” to not only disrupt the plans of the one world government by winning the Office of the Presidency; but also with every day he fosters a renewal of understanding of what it once meant to be an American. I believe that the “notion” of the abandonment of the ballot box, is a tactic that has been employed by the Frankfurt School to foment division and strife. Just think about it, we who profess to believe in the brilliance of the Constitution, are in fact, giving up on that contract of the people.

  3. David says:

    The Constitution is a contract with the people. Since this contract has been breached, it is not applicable as the government has shown. The Constitution was brilliant until Liberty was no longer held dear: its light was quenched and tyranny took hold. I remember reading that the church was the fourth branch of government in the early days of our independence movement. Their role was to make moral men based in our Judeo-Christian foundation. If they did their part, our elected leaders would also be moral. I see no morality in a President who takes the Lord’s name in vain on national television. I see no valid path at the ballot box when illegal voters and voter fraud have relegated our electoral process to third world status. Place your faith in the Lord and fight as our forefathers fought for their Liberty and religion.

  4. Jeff Marshalek says:

    “We the people of the United States” is the contract “of the people.” This contract is not a “two party agreement” written between those who govern and those who submit to being governed. Rather it is an agreement that requires “We the people” to work within the parameters established. To reject the parameters by which the Founding Fathers established makes us just as guilty as those who conspire to do the same, just by other means.

    We know that God, has according to Scripture, established President Trump. We know that in various times, God has chosen certain men to do certain works. Darius and Nebuchadnezzar, both not of Israel, nevertheless were men used by God to bring about His will. We know that the Constitution will only work if men are believer’s in Jesus Christ. So what then is the real solution?

    • David says:

      If your logic is correct, then the British also were correct and the colonies were in violation of the Bible when they revolted against the King of England. Or the Constitution is in violation of the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union and therefore is not valid. Or the illegally adopted 14th amendment transferring power from the states to the federal government is not valid.

      There comes a time when God’s laws supersede the law of man. I will never vote for the lesser of two evils again. On Judgment Day, I will never have to answer why I supported evil.

  5. Jeff Marshalek says:

    The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the summation of wisdom learned by those who lived under the tyranny you constantly focus on. The Founding Fathers lived under the tyrannical rule of Europe’s despots. That tyranny of old is still with us today. Cecil Rhodes gave his fortune, like you, to his community. His fortune is spent to revitalize and empower the English Rule over nations today as it once was during the generation of the Founding Fathers. Did you ever wonder why so many “Rhodes Scholars” are in positions of influence in our government today? May I suggest it is not by chance.

    The point I am driving down on is this: the form of government the Founding Fathers created, sought to limit or marginalize the influence of evil by a few over many. This precept, as you have consistently posited, is only viable when said people, are of God. Every generation since 1789, has suffered evil influences from within. This ebb and flow of evil throughout the generations reminds one of the history of Israel in the book of Judges. Nothing is new under the sun. Today is the same as it once was. We learn from the book of Judges that when the nation returned to God the nation was blessed by God. It is no different today.

    Returning to President Trump, we are taught in Scripture to evaluate the fruit of one’s life. In the last two and a half years, what has this president fought for? Has he increased regulations? Has he increased taxes? Has he given away the treasure of the people? Has he rejected Israel? Has he promoted the abortion? On the contrary, he is promoting what is good and right. What is needed most in this nation, is that a leader, using biblical precepts, employs those precepts to govern the people. And the fruits of such endeavor are realized when the people are introduced once again to the blessings of God. That is my logic.

    • a follower says:

      Has Trump suggested that this nation or that all nations Repent? Or is He and we the people going to make america Great again?
      Has “the church” suggested and prayed for repentance and a turning back which would suggest we have been in the wrong?
      Is Trump even more of an Nebuchadnezzar figure than Obama?
      Does Trump even know what the True House of Israel is, or is He also focused on that little spot of land in the middle east?

      Keep your eyes open and trust no man with or for your salvation!

    • David says:

      I am greatly impressed by the accomplishments of Donald Trump. In a short period of time. What I do not see is the role of faith in his government. Two Corinthians and using the Lord’s name in vain twice on national television show me his character. Let’s do this: define the blessings of God. Maybe people need to be reminded of really is important.

      I have family and friends, food, shelter and security (for now). I believe that the Lord has shown me favor in this life and know that His divine Providence is what we need to cope with this world. I do not believe a government run by men and women seeking power is important.

  6. Jeff Marshalek says:

    The question, “Is Trump even more of an Nebuchadnezzar figure than Obama”?

    Biblically I would say Obama resembled Ahab and Hillary Clinton Jezebel. The fruit of Obama and Clinton proves their rejection of God. Where Trump does indeed resemble more of a Darius. Darius provided for the nation of Israel. On the other hand Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the nation of Israel because in that time God judged Israel unfaithful.

    And God does still provide a remnant, those who live by faith in every generation. And there are still churches that preach the good news to those who are lost. And within Israel there are those who are coming to the Lord. And Jerusalem, according to Scripture will be the “little spot of land” where Jesus will establish His throne for 1000 years.

    It is the preaching of the power of the Gospel that will save a nation. If God declares judgement, no one will be safe in those days.

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