Trump Gets Out of the Perish Accord

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The Trump campaign promises appear to have been election rhetoric. Talk is cheap in the dark recesses of our political braintrusts. It is refreshing to see the President stand up for the country and common sense by removing the country from another wealth redistribution “accord”.

David DeGerolamo

The Perish Accord

Donald Trump stood in the Rose Garden yesterday and smugly announced his unwavering support for the end of the world. Smog-choked cities, melting ice caps, dead oceans, contaminated water supplies, and the extinction of all living things on Earth which aren’t billionaires.

Or at least that’s the hysterical narrative we’re going to be hearing endlessly from the Left, who will surely be trotting out a doomsaying Bill Nye and hoping that we don’t remember the vapid entertainer’s recently televised “sex junk” debacle.


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  1. a follower says:

    Can’t help but to think the beast system has many contingency plans. This one man show (paris accord) may mean nothing
    All staged theater?
    Horizon 20 20. ??? EUUS alliance.

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