Trump Recognizes Our Greatest Threat


Trump Plans Executive Order To Study Risks Of EMP Attack

In what would be a major about-face for the federal government, President Trump is reportedly preparing to sign an executive order to study the risks of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack on the US.

Despite the fact that a growing number of scientists and national security experts see an EMP attack on the US electricity grid as one of the greatest terror threats facing the country, the DoD decided in late 2017 to defund a Congressional committee that had been studying the EMP threat since 2001. The DoD terminated funding for the Commission to Assess the Threat to the US from Electromagnetic Pulse Attack in September 2017, just as the threat from North Korea – considered a rogue state that could pull off an EMP attack with one of its nukes – was reaching a fever pitch.


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6 Responses to Trump Recognizes Our Greatest Threat

  1. Thomas a bibleater says:

    One Second After by William R. Forstchen 2009 was cited on the floor of Congress as a book all Americans should read.
    I would be forced to suddenly retire from working at the nursing home and open a bicycle repair shop with my 30 year old tools and experience.
    I need to restock my supply of used KJV bibles from the used book stores so we all could hear God’s instruction on the deadly wound of Rev. 13 and the coming spiritual tribulation of the false christ.
    What a deadly wound to the one world govnt. it would be .

    Red dots won’t work but I’d miss my electric toothbrush more.

  2. a follower says:

    i do not believe a man made Emp is our greatest threat.

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