Trump’s Kristallnacht

What would happen if President Trump rounded up 40,000 individuals working for the Deep State in one night? That assumes that there is only one individual per indictment. How is it possible that there have been no leaks from 40,000 government documents? Even if every indictment is justified, how will the people react to such a large number of arrests? I believe we already know the reaction of the Democrat Party and the media.

David DeGerolamo

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3 Responses to Trump’s Kristallnacht

  1. Mary says:

    David -- I love your newsletters and articles! Don’t stop!

    Trump won’t round up 40,000 people in one night.

    This show is headed up by an Obama appointed US Attorney for Utah with the assistance of prosecutors across the country. I think Sessions is on a mission to bring down drug trafficking and child trafficking. Even the Trump haters on both sides of the aisle will hesitate to cry foul against such bad actors. The three letter TV channels might be a bit bolder, but they will have a hard time swallowing that poison pill too. That will cut off the flow of quite a lot of funds. The Metoo campaign will hear stories from released victims of child trafficking -- some of whom are already telling their stories.

    I don’t think Trump will have his fingers on this at all.

    Where it leads to after that big push at the lowlife levels might get more interesting.

  2. Hans says:

    The reaction is irrelevant. I have ear plugs.

    The problem is, all the “enforcers” work for the deep-state or are obligated / bound to the deep-state through Federal grants to local “enforcers”.

    There is no clean solution to this problem. It’s messy.

  3. Bill says:

    i say round up all the vermin using our military and let the chips fall where they may and many of the demonrats are in those indictments anyway so there will be no one left to make any complaints but for the BLM night stalkers and Antifa islamic thugs who would get there heads busted open wide once it begins. the media will also be in these indictment since they carry the water for the demon rat vermin and are abettors of there crimes..

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