Tucker Puts It Into Its Proper Perspective

I watched this introduction on Tucker Carlson live. I was so impressed that I forced my employees to watch it (with pay) the next day. WRSA’s post reminded me that I did not put it up as I had intended.

Tucker draws you in with this monologue and his points near the end bring it together. Please watch the entire video to put things into perspective.

David DeGerolamo

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1 Response to Tucker Puts It Into Its Proper Perspective

  1. a follower says:

    Republicans, democrats and now currently Trump form a triangle
    are we in the middle? Do they appear “double minded?”
    Does their gameplay seem centered in ‘self?’
    Are we the people the individuals at the heart of their concern? Truly?

    Removing men and the role of the man has been a goal, an agenda since Yahuah assigned man his role and position when casting us out of the garden of eden. So ask yourselves in Truth, who is behind the scenes working to achieve this? Who stands to gain by reversing the roles of men and women?
    Before the he man woman haters club gets started, re read the above statement of the who. evil uses both sides to gain the objective, Both sides! And evil loves to use hatred to do his bidding.
    i disagree with Carlton, this blaming the rich and claiming it is they who “make all of the decisions.” talk has got to stop. We are all responsible for the choices we make each and every day and moment. Work within your Ao. to make the correct decisions for your particular circumstances!
    This is how we fix this. And yes it will be slow and painful, but worth it. Everything good comes with a price. Persevere and endure.
    If you fall into the trap of thinking you are a victim of everyone and everything else they become YOUR MASTER!
    Payday loans 400% interest
    So once again, who are we looking for in direction, who can NOT fix it by control, more government? Or do we(we the people,) (we the individuals) fix it by better decision making?
    It is up to us t Break the Cycle. Not by violence but by our choices.
    Yes i know violence will come, and yet you do see Truth in what i say.
    “A country like that?”
    Tucker--“Leaders who want it”,
    or a people who want it? first is last, Last is First.
    Tucker,-“If you want to put america first you got to put it’s families first.”
    If you want to put america first, you have to fix your own house first. Each family needs to tend to their own, this will domino also, just as evil did and has.

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