Two Classifications of the Dichotomy of Our Cold Civil War

I believe that the evidence that we are now in a cold civil war in the country is a given fact. There may be disagreement on how to classify the two sides but I will give two examples to consider.

Make America Great Again

Is it possible that many people who detest the President in reality hate the country? Is it possible that the other side just wants to see the country fail? If this premise is correct, then what is their idea of the country when they rebuild it? I think we know this answer. Make America Great Again versus Make America Collapse into a Communist State.


It may be possible to classify the two sides by dependency. The other side wants government to provide for their needs and guarantee their “rights”. This dependency on the “nanny state” ignores the cost and the moral decay associated with this ideology. My side recognizes God and his law. We understand that a moral life striving for spiritual perfection is our goal. God versus Communist Dystopia.

David DeGerolamo

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  1. LunkerMack says:

    Amen. We don’t have enough ammunition.

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