U.N. nuclear expert killed in Iran crash

TEHRAN, May 8 (UPI) — An expert with the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog was killed and another was injured in a car accident in central Iran Tuesday, authorities said.

The car skidded and overturned near the Khandab nuclear complex in the central Markazi province about noon, and Ok-Seok Seo, an International Atomic Energy Agency expert from South Korea, died of severe injuries, the semi-official Fars News Agency reported.

The second IAEA expert, who was not identified, suffered unspecified injuries.

DEBKAfile reported no information about the experts’ mission in Iran was provided by the Iranian government or IAEA headquarters in Vienna.


Strange that DEBKAfile pulled their story:
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11 hours ago – Nuclear watchdog inspector killed in road accident in Iran  IAEA experts were on a mission near the Khandab Complex in the Markazi province Tuesday when 

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