Ukrainian Protesters Chant “Yankees Go Home”


Following John McCain’s recent trip to Kiev practicing his new brand of international racketeering by threatening the Ukraine if they did not join the EU, it seems that the real Ukrainians have finally figured out that the pro-EU mobs have been staged by a conclave of western NGO’s and ‘democracy foundations’ – the very same nest of hornets who brought on the fabled ‘Arab Spring’ to the Middle East three years ago.

The main goal for Washington and the City of London is to separate Kiev from Moscow, and thus weaken Russia’s hand in Eurasia.

For EU central bankers, the prospect of raping and privatising the Urkraine economy-  is also a big incentive.

It looks like the old tricks are no longer working. At last, the ‘colour revolution’ jig may finally be up…


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2 Responses to Ukrainian Protesters Chant “Yankees Go Home”

  1. daveburton says:

    Huh? You’re siding with the Marxists, now?

    • David says:

      Our pResident resembles that remark.Why aren’t we surrounding the White chanting “Marxist Go Home”?

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