UN Hiring Disarmament Officers In New York

Job Opening

Department/Office:Department of Peace Operations
Duty Station:NEW YORK
Posting Period:26 December 2019 – 08 February 2020
Job Opening Number:19-Security Institutions-DPO-127453-R-New York (R)
Staffing ExerciseN/A


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13 Responses to UN Hiring Disarmament Officers In New York

  1. William Sullivan says:

    Looks like Africa, but based in New York. Hardship duty station???

  2. Curt says:

    Thousands of UN armored vehicles stationed across our country . UN forces are already here and waiting for their assignments .

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  4. Norseman says:

    Looks like they aimed a tad too high ..
    If you drop it down about 10 inches theres a whole lot more vulnerable stuff that isn’t as protected and really likely to cause a catastrophic ending to their patrol movements. . so remember the chance of just one item being hit or. 13 or so. Its a no brainer the brain shot isn’t what your after but a central nervous system is ! Plus you could get a subclavian or corrated or airways so many things to chose from! And their nearly impossible to get armor to cover them .

  5. This story immediately called to mind a passage from John Ross’s Unintended Consequences:

    — “That would be easy. That would be like sitting in your living room in Bozeman, Montana, seeing some Italian U.N. troops in blue berets smash in the door across the street. Take about three seconds to decide what to do there. Boom! Bunch of dead Italians. Ninety-four Crime Bill, where the President had that provision in it to hire a bunch of Hong Kong Municipal Police ‘cause they’d be good at seizing guns, I had to laugh. Talk about hazardous duty, Christ! You send a bunch of Chinese police to go seize guns from folks in Kentucky, undertakers’ll be working three shifts.” —

    Yes: In Kentucky. But what about New York City? What about New York State? Not every region in these United States is as ready to react against tyranny as every other. That’s why Michael Bloomberg decided to purchase the state government of Virginia: an Atlantic Seaboard state whose population is about half urban liberals and half suburban and country-living gun-owning patriots. It’s a Leninist probe with the bayonet. If he can disarm Virginians without resistance, he’ll know that the key to his crusade against the private ownership of firearms is the degree of urbanization. And indeed, that has been the case throughout American history. Look up New York’s Sullivan Act and reflect.

  6. a follower says:

    i do not think it is what you think it is.

    • Charley Waite says:

      Yes, this is a leadership level diplomatic position working on disarmament aspects of negotiated treaties, such as weapons inspectors. This isn’t looking for goons to take guns. You don’t need an advanced degree and seven years experience for that.
      I can’t speak about UN trucks anywhere but this is taken out of context.

  7. a follower says:

    The Video from this article
    92,580 views•Dec 30, 2019
    172K subscribers

    So how many do the homework, and how many are merely sheep? How many run off half cocked to be the first to post rumors of something they themselves have not even looked into?

  8. Rabbi Will says:

    First they staff up the office. Mostly white/Jewish and highly educated.. Then they import or raise their goon army from the ghettos . Historically speaking that is. It is important to watch this organization closely but not lose your senses over it.

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