Undefined Talking Points

The political elite who are confident in their perceived power have deployed many tools to divide the country into two camps. Fortunately, only one camp is armed. Their main overt tool is the media to whom they feed talking points that are undefined.

We will never hear the rate associated with your “fair share” of taxes. Muslim extremists, illegal aliens and climate change are used to define racism instead of invoking discussion. Here is the secret: people representing the vast majority of America (removing the far right and far left) are not that different. This can be proven by opening up a simple dialogue. Everyone wants the opportunity to provide for their family, have security and peace. Who would argue for joblessness, riots in the street or endless wars?

But this secret will not help us in the future as the division has solidified. The Democrats and media use the term “manufactured crisis” to describe the President’s border wall initiative which was the cornerstone of his political campaign. Whether you look at the humanitarian impact, terrorist crossing, drug smuggling, human trafficking or economic impact is not relevant. Any one of these is enough to consider building a war to secure our borders.

Americans know that we have a crisis at the border. So do Democrats as their own words prior to the last election prove. The question is whether we will let undefined talking points define our future.

David DeGerolamo

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