Update From Chairman Mao

1,897 deaths yesterday in the U.S. In one day.Good thing this isn’t real, or that might be worrisome. [/sarc]

 The absolute last “Bridge Out” sign before even the hardiest morons will have to admit this is really a thing, is if, heaven forbid, this ever gets to numbers above 7000 deaths/day. That’s the number of deaths from all causes in a normal year (±2.6M of them/yr): heart attacks, strokes, car accidents, shootings, getting trampled by buffalo, eaten by feral pigs, etc.

 If we overtop that, there’s no more thin trees to hide behind before the peak of obvious fact appears, that people are dying now, faster, and it can’t be imaginary “packing all deaths into Kung Flu” black helicopter horseshit.

 (It really shouldn’t even take that: the number of, for example, car accidents or shootings now is waaaaaaaaaaay down, because no one’s out and about. A normal night for us at work is 5-10 car accidents; we’re amazed if we see 1 now.  Vehicle accident stats and crime numbers everywhere are doing a mega-nosedive. Deaths from cardio-, cardiorespiratory, and pneumonia deaths are off the charts. That should be a less-than-subtle hint, even to space cadets, but you can’t argue someone out of a position using facts and logic, if they didn’t use facts and logic to get to where they are in the first place.)

 That doesn’t mean sanity will break out, especially among the chemtrail lunatard fringe; it just means the tinfoil millinery contingent will have to STFU, or risk a good and well-deserved public stoning every time they open their yawps. NTTAWWT.


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3 Responses to Update From Chairman Mao

  1. Matt says:

    Ah, I see someone’s been reading Raconteur Report.

    The ironic thing about the 1,897 deaths yesterday in the U.S is that this came right on the heals of how “they” we crowing about how the death figure had gone down to the lowest levels seen yet.

  2. “#TOLDYA: Minnesota Physician and State Senator blows the whistle on CoronaCold book-cooking. “Well, fear is a great way to control people.””


  3. a follower says:

    Aesop, for his own reasons is ‘all in.”
    Even the lies of all the incubators needed and the fear mongering surrounding just that one issue seems to leave him un detoured. He seems to have tunnel vision, and does not care who he runs over.
    i like Aesop, but early on(years back) his ‘all’ in approach on Vaccinations, showed me to be wary.
    His comments on to Robert, Straight Line Logic revealed how he thinks, that he is the only voice in the room that matters.
    He desires to have a preeminence among them, as many seem to do.
    Some people are optimist , some are forever pessimist, some of us reside in Real Ville.
    We see the lies and the nudges from both sides and walk through the valley.
    It is not so much that it is “Imaginary.” It is that we, those who are seeing the larger picture see through the lies. we see the manipulations no matter how subtle.

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