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The following propaganda is the only thing you need to read to verify the state of the media in this country. There are two sides at war in this country. The sides are clearly defined. I choose the side which does not lie, steal, kill and subjugate people who yearn to retain their Liberty.

David DeGerolamo

h/t Dr. Ley

Donald Trump broke the presidency. It’s time to get rid of the job altogether.

Donald Trump is proof that the U.S. presidency is broken and democracy is in peril. It’s time to amend the Constitution and abolish the presidency.

This is a man who openly conspired to cheat with the help of a hostile foreign nation in a federal election. On election night, he came in second place, yet due to a scab of slavery in the Constitution (the electoral college), this usurper has the full power of the most powerful military in history, command of the treasury, the absolute power to pardon and he can unilaterally annihilate millions of people with his command to deploy nuclear weapons. He’s made refugees begging us for mercy into orphans hoping it will deter other asylum seekers — because he can. He’s now poised to put a man on the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, who believes in supreme leaders (if they’re Republican that is).


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