Virginia State Police Show Up to Question Man After He Visited and Took Pictures of Capital

Here is some additional information from the video posted by Lawless.

Northumberland County, VA–A man posted a cell phone video to YouTube on Sunday showing two Virginia State police questioning him on his front steps. In the video, the gentleman identifies himself as a Mr. Wagner, the son of Captain Bill Wager, a former captain in the State Police.

As the conversation unfolds, the two officers say that they received a tip that a man was seen going around the Capital Square, touching buildings and taking pictures.

So these two agents of the State of Virginia drove over 100 miles to ask this guy what he had been doing there!

Initially it was just ‘a tip’ that had lead these agents to his house.  But the law-abiding citizen pointed out that this was outrageous, and exactly why Red Flag laws are so terrible!  A simple tip from a random citizen landed him under this sort of scrutiny for walking around a public place!

That’s when the detail came out:  the tip wasn’t from a random stranger who saw him and thought he was suspicious.  He was under surveillance by Capital Police the entire time he was visiting the Capital on Monday.  Capital Police were watching him on camera the entire time, and the only ‘tip’ was them tipping off these two agents to go question him.


h/t Dr. Ley

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2 Responses to Virginia State Police Show Up to Question Man After He Visited and Took Pictures of Capital

  1. Gryphon says:

    I’m curious as to Why, if the Capitol Police were ‘watching’ on the cameras, this individual, why didn’t one of them put down the Donut and go out and ask him what he was doing? Was it because nobody was watching the Vid ‘live’ and noticed it later? Or was this individual “Targeted” for some other reason, and the two officers sent to his house, hoping to start something and Shoot him?

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