Vote for Trump, Prepare for War

Most Americans know by now that November 3rd will be nothing other than the start of a hot civil war. The smart ones are planning for it. But responses are all across the board. Some refuse to believe it. Some think the communists will win and are trying to get on their side. They think the communists will win, because the police will keep the others from coming out to play. To some degree, they are right. As long as the police stand between patriots and the criminal looters and murderers, it will be difficult for law-abiding Americans to do their duty. 

That’s just the point. It is their DUTY to defend themselves, their property and the nation from this concerted, organized and well-supplied efforts to take over America. If I had said that a year ago, many would have laughed in my face. Even today, as I walk around my new town in Texas and talk to my new neighbors about the coming events to gauge their temperaments, I find some incredulity, some denial as to what the future holds. Now, keep in mind, I am practiced at this. I am not just confronting them with the possibility of a civil war, I ease into it, asking a few leading questions, or putting out a mild statement to test their response and rarely go full information warrior on them. Still, many seem oblivious and I envy them to a degree, to have been able to remain so for so long, but I feel sorry for them, too. They will be wholly unprepared for the waves of insanity  they will witness on television. It will be like 9/11 times a thousand; just horrified disbelief, but in that moment of realization, that sudden alignment of words spoken to actions taken when they finally understand that when BLM say they want to “burn this system down” they mean it and they mean it literally.

There will also come a flight 93 moment when they realize they will have to take action themselves to stop the destruction of the nation and they will come together as the passengers of flight 93 did to face the demonic terrorists before them and act. 

Having said that, I am full-throttle building 12 Round Productions into a theatrical production company, starting preliminary work on a few projects in conjunction with a couple of different production companies. To questions arising in the readership, let me say that no, I do not expect to be in a position to see it through. That isn’t the point. The point is to start building what will need to exist once the smoke clears. I will put people in place to carry on for me. 

Understand one thing very clearly, at the end of this Texas will probably be the starting point of whatever comes AFTER the United States of America. It will carry the best parts of the republic forward, drawing probably Florida and most of the South with it. There are reasons that it starts in Texas, rather than North Carolina or Wyoming. Nothing against those states, but in Texas there is and always has been a sense of itself as distinct from the United States where no other state is accustomed to thinking of itself in that way. Texas has its own electric grid, ports, energy production, food production, distribution system, etc. Moreover, it has a traditional sense of self-defense. Logistically, there aren’t many states better prepared to break with the corrupted, coerced union. 

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