Voter Fraud Analysis in North Carolina

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4 Responses to Voter Fraud Analysis in North Carolina

  1. LT says:

    We all know that election fraud is rampant in North Carolina. It’s my substantiated belief that between 10 and 15% of the ballots cast statewide are fraudulent in at least one way. The facts are clear -- “Early Voting” and “One Stop Voting” are both tools which have been inserted into our electoral process to make it easier for subversive groups to operate voter-fraud efforts within our state. These deviations from the standard voting process facilitate the submission of fraudulent ballots in a number of ways --
    1. by giving those seeking to submit fraudulent ballots multiple days in which to move people around and get them to as many polling locations as possible to submit fraudulent ballots
    2. by facilitating the fabrication of voting credentials and their entrance into the voter registration process “same day” which is outside the normal, and more rigorous, standard process which requires registration well in advance of election day, providing time to vet and validate registrations *Prior* to adding those registrations to the validated list of eligible voters
    3. and more subtly, by vastly increasing the number of hours which polls are open, and spreading those hours across 5 to 8 days, this creates a need for many more volunteers to staff and operate all the polling locations, which creates more opportunity for those seeking to submit fraudulent ballots to actually insinuate themselves into the electoral process as poll workers, again without suitable vetting.
    4. Charter Buses have been witnessed arriving at dozens of polling locations, both during “early voting” and on election day, and credible witnesses obtained both photo and video evidence, that the same buses and the same people went to multiple polling locations on multiple days -- this evidence contains incontrovertible proof that there are over a hundred persons who did, willfully and with foreknowledge, go to and enter multiple polling locations with the intention of casting multiple ballots. Given this incontrovertible proof, and the fact that only a small fraction of polling locations were monitored and recorded for analysis, strongly suggests that there is endemic and well-organized voter fraud all across the state of North Carolina.

    The evidence collected at over 40 polling locations in Durham, Orange, Wake, Johnston, and Guilford counties establishes, prima fascie, that voter fraud in the amount of -- at a minimum -- thousands of fraudulent ballots were cast, just at these ~40 polling locations, which constitute only a small sample of the total polling locations across the state -- just 5 counties out of 100 statewide, and not all polling locations in these 5 counties were monitored with video equipment.

    However, this small sample strongly suggests that tens of thousands, and perhaps hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ballots were submitted in the process of the 2016 election cycle, statewide. This adds up to a set of facts and circumstances which are well beyond mere suspicion, and which demands investigation to determine the true extent of the election fraud which has been committed.

    If the Attorney General and the SBI refuse to investigate and bring charges, then we will undertake the effort of in-depth investigation of the persons, organizations, and companies responsible for committing this rampant voter fraud, and will employ non-judicial means of dealing with the responsible parties, prior to the next election.

    • Bill says:

      it’s sickening to watch these democrats with Soros destroy our right to vote. Cooper needs to be charged with voter Fraud along with the media who were his accomplices. Remember what Hillary said when she was going around with Copper in our state, she stated she would do everything in her power to get cooper elected, and this is the crux of the entire scam on North Carolinian’s and our nation, Cooper must be arrested after the facts are brought forth, I don’t believe McCrory has the grit to push this to the max like demoncrats do.

  2. Durham County is a “hotbed” of CORRUPTION! (See Duke Lacrosse Scandal 2006) Recount of votes for Governor in Durham County is mandatory!

  3. LT says:

    Recounts and the most severe scrutiny of *every ballot* in that jurisdiction are mandatory.

    And if the administration of Durham County won’t voluntarily do it, then the replacement of everyone in Durham County government, who is in any way connected with the electoral process, becomes mandatory… by whatever means necessary.

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