Wake Back Up

The election of Obama woke up and divided the country. A large amount of people realized that the country had been usurped by what is now known as the Deep State. The result of this awakening was the election of Donald Trump.

Unfortunately, the success of exposing the Deep State has had an unintended consequence: apathy has taken control of the very people who were awakened. Most have the false belief that one man will fight their battles and save their country.

The goal of the government has always been to transfer our faith in God to a faith in the government. Does it matter who is in charge of the government if we rely on it to fight our battles? Our culture, founding principles and religious foundation are under attack. As you celebrate this 4th of July, remember the original intent of its founding principles and honor the 56 (not 55) signers of the Declaration of Independence.

David DeGerolamo

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