We all Kulaks now

One thing that is becoming more apparent with the day is that white people, white families, are becoming the Kulaks of this point in history.


Parenting magazine Baby & Family has told readers to beware of families who are “inconspicuous” and “cheerful”, as these warning signs indicate they are right wing and thus “dangerous”.

Depicted with illustrations featuring solely blonde women and children, the report says ordinary parents must take action against right-wing families and make clear that their ideology has no place in the world.”

What we are seeing on a daily basis is a shifting of what people believe is acceptable. It is a concerted effort, not by chance, to paint a picture of a world without whitey. This brown world would be so glorious and pure. It would have none of the evils we see in America and the world which whites corrupted with their privilege and prejudice.

For there to be a cleansing, the regulars must be convinced that it is OK. They must be convinced that it isn’t wrong to clean up the mess whites have made of the world. They need to understand that the world won’t be right as long as a white people still inhabit it. Even white people are accepting and spewing this, it is becoming normalized…for a reason.

White people need to wake up. There is no coexistence with these people. They mean to destroy you and they mean to use a narrative to do it.

Tick. Tock.

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  1. Rabbi Will says:

    We’ve been here before now haven’t we! Time to reset!

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