We Are in Serious Trouble Folks

You may not want to hear the message but that does not mean it is not true. Will you wait to be “burned” by the other side to “protect” you?

David DeGerolamo

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1 Response to We Are in Serious Trouble Folks

  1. Andee (Barbara) says:

    Lots of good points here; I agree with them all; the NRA has no business playing footsie with the Commies in the Senate and/or Congress! We have an administration that caves every chance they get and uses any excuse to do so; we have an AG that, whatever the reason is, is slow to anger, slow to move ahead with the multiple problems we have and boy we do have them. If we use just a tad of commonsense: False flags = UN + Soros + NWO + Agenda 21/30then add the illegal Patriot Act signed before Bush came to Ground Zero; NDAA totally illegal against our rights as guaranteed in our early papers; nothing is done by this administration -- wonder why? Think about it friends and now just for real thought …. Mueller was and is instrumental in the Uranium One things w/HRC…he delivered the product to Russia; he was one of the worst FBI heads we have had..don’t you think that he used this position to aid and abet the DEMS? You bet he did. Then why are we paying him thousands on a witch hunt against Trump when all he is doing is PROTECTING OVOMMIT and himself and other cronies? Then ask yourselves….WHY HAS TRUMP LET HIM CONTINUE TO USE OUR TAXES IN THIS MANNER WHEN MUELLER is more guilty than Monafort or any others that have been indited…just think about these few things…we are, as this young woman stated, in double/triple trouble….she is also right re: Trump, Jared, Ivanka and the rest being and donating heavily to the DNC…do you think really he has given up all of this? I do not..you are welcome to your own opinion. Now, Nepotism in the White House; so Jared and Ivanka are found to be involved in any scandal and they are charged; do you think that he is going to let them see the inside of a courtroom? I think not…think on that one…could either be the leaker?

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